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Campus Planning and Development - Columbus State University

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University Operations

Campus Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department supports the academic and administrative mission of Columbus State University through the advancement of the goals and programs of the university's colleges, schools and departments by promoting the development of solutions designed to maximize the facilities, infrastructure, property and physical assets of the campus. The Planning and Development Department is committed to responsible and sustainable stewardship of the university's resources.

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for all of Columbus State University's campus planning and programming efforts, initiating campus development projects, new facility planning and programming, existing building renovation planning, building demolitions, college/department facility growth needs assessments and feasibility studies, department relocation projects and space programming & allocation. In addition, to support this mission we monitor utilities usage and cost, manage all material assets valued over $3,000.00 and manage the campus key control program.


Columbus State University uses state of the art technology to locate campus attributes with pinpoint accuracy using satellite signals and proprietary ARC GIS software and hardware. The Planning and Development Department locates and archives GIS data pertaining to roads, buildings, parking lots, emergency phones, power lines, water lines, sanitary sewer lines, storm sewer lines, gas lines, light poles and irrigation. Access to this information is available to campus faculty and staff for planning future campus expansion, construction and landscaping projects, and for student research projects on a case by case as-needed basis.

To request the location and/or mapping of underground utilities, please contact the Planning and Development Department at:

Thomas Rice, GIS Coordinator

Master Plan

The Columbus State University Master Plan is a 10 year plan that concentrates on the physical development of our campus and its facilities, encompassing elements of campus organization, land and building use, vehicular and pedestrian circulation, infrastructure, open space, relationship to the Columbus community and criteria for campus site and building design to ensure compliance with accepted physical master plan principles. Our physical master plan follows the institution's strategic plan so that it can function as a physical reflection of the strategic directions being taken by the institution.

The purpose of the physical master plan for Columbus State University is to provide detailed guidelines for the physical development of the campus in order to support our academic mission. This physical master plan seeks to achieve two principal objectives: First, to foster the development of a physical campus that is efficient in serving the academic mission and in its operation; and second, to create a physical environment that is beautiful and emblematic of our educational purpose, and which encourages social and intellectual interchange among students, faculty and staff. This physical master plan is reflective of the existing campus and is responsive to our future academic mission by supporting appropriate renovations and extensions.

Columbus State University Master Plan Report (PDF)


Columbus State Historic Preservation Plan (PDF).

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