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Budget Office - Columbus State University

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Business and Finance

Budget Office

Budgets express CSU's goals in terms of specific financial and operating objectives that conform with the needs and requirements of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. The Budget Office provides its executive managers with timely, accurate and useful financial information to assist them in making decisions related to the vision, mission and goals of Columbus State University.

We support the university's mission by:

  • Managing budget processes utilizing Regents' Budget Reporting System software.
  • Analyzing, developing and implementing the university's operating budgets.
  • Performing fiscal analysis supporting fiscal policy development.
  • Maintaining employee position control during budget preparation.
  • Promoting effective and efficient usage of university resources through planning.
  • Providing budget monitoring guidance and assistance to campus departments.

White, Melanie
Budget Director
Derhammer, Joan
No office information available for Joan DerhammerNo phone number available for Joan
Johnson, John
Budget Analyst

PeopleSoft Budget Reports

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