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Young Alumni Council - Columbus State University

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Alumni Engagement & Annual Giving


Young Alumni Council

a woman wearing a red CSU shirt and Cody the Cougar


The mission of Young Alumni is to provide dynamic opportunities for young alumni to engage with and give back to Columbus State University.


The Young Alumni Council was established in 2017 as a way to engage new alumni and alumni under 40 with specific opportunities targeted to their needs and interests. While CSU is graduating more and more students each year, this is a demographic that is steadily growing. The Young Alumni Council hosts events such as sports trips to Atlanta United, networking events, and Manic Monday, an event to welcome new graduates to the Alumni Association.

Leadership Council

a man wearing a black suit and red tie

Troy Jackson

TCOB '11

a woman wearing a blue dress witha. pearl necklace

Breana Jones

COLS '18

a man wearing a blue suit standing in front of a tree

Kenny Gray

Program Chair
TCOB '17 & '20

a woman with glasses posing for the camera

Keona Swindler

Communications Chair
COA '17

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