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Student Course Evaluations - Columbus State University

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Student Course Evaluations

Columbus State University values student opinions of their classroom experiences and their engagement with course instructors. Student evaluations are essential to the enhancement of faculty teaching. Instructors use the data to evaluate and refine the design and delivery of their courses and to assist in documenting teaching effectiveness in their annual performance reviews. Students who take the time to provide instructors with this information will improve the educational experience of future students.

Students who participate in the evaluation process are encouraged to be open and honest in their critique. Student identities are kept private, and instructors will not see the results of this survey until the registrar finalizes semester grades. No identifying information is ever directly connected to the feedback students submit. In addition, to further protect the anonymity of the responders, faculty only receive the results of course evaluations where more than three students register.

Student feedback is collected within a short time span. Course surveys are launched depending on part of the term provided in the schedule of classes. The start date is varied for all courses, however, the university automatically schedules all course evaluations to be launched at least one week before the class is expected to end. Students should complete course evaluations by the last scheduled class day. The survey schedule is made available by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

Student course evaluations utilize the Course Evaluations & Surveys software by Watermark. For information about the course evaluation process, email Mr. Adrian Wade, Institutional Research Associate or call 706-507-8139. For technical support and items requiring an immediate response, faculty are encouraged to submit an E-Quest under Technology - Data Request. All other feedback should be reported to the chair of the Student Course Evaluations Committee.

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