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Frequently Asked Questions - Columbus State University

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Department of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Counseling


  • Masters Degree Programs: 800, 700 provisional, 3.5 writing
  • Specialist Degree Programs: 900, 800 provisional, 3.5 writing
  • Doctoral Program: 1000, 900 provisional, 3.5 writing

You should register for the general verbal, quantitative, and writing portions.

Applicants for the Master or Specialist Degree  Certification Programs who have a renewable teaching certificate may submit that certificate in lieu of GRE scores.

Graduate Assistantships are sometimes available. Please contact us for more information.

If your degree is from a foreign university, it must be evaluated by an accredited service. CSU uses the following services for this purpose: World Education Services, Inc. and Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.

The complete list of recognized agencies is at

All work credited towards a graduate degree must be completed within seven years. The maximum course load for any graduate student in a semester is 12 hours, so a student could complete the degree in a minimum of three semesters. However, the typical and recommended load for a fulltime graduate student is nine hours in a semester, but our online programs usually require 9–12 hours per semester.

Undergraduate degrees must be 4 years in length to be considered the equivalent of a bachelor's degree. Check with the CSU admissions office for transcript evaluation instructions.

We will accept for transfer a maximum of nine (9) credits of graduate level coursework from accredited universities. We do not accept credit for certification courses. The transfer has to be approved by a graduate student advisor in the department.

Candidates determine whether the program is full or part-time. All course work is offered in the evenings and/or online. The number of courses that you choose to take determines the pace at which you proceed and finish the program.

Entrance dates vary according to department, so please contact program coordinators for further information. Call the department at 706-568-2301 and ask to speak to the appropriate program coordinator. A list can be seen below.

  • Dr. Thomas Hackett - Doctorate in Curriculum and Leadership
  • Dr. Christopher Garretson – Educational Leadership MEd and EdS Programs
  • Dr. Stella Michael-Makri –  School Counseling

In general, you would need to submit the following to the department:

  • Departmental application
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resume/Vita
  • Professional Statement
  • Background Check Form
  • Program Entry Information Form

Then all transcripts from other universities, university application, GRE or GACE scores and immunization records should be sent to the CSU admissions office.

Two letters of recommendation, either from college-level instructors or employers, are not required but preferred.

Students who only take online courses are only required to pay tuition and specific fees.  Tuition for online courses in the graduate school are charged at various rates per semester hour.  Fees vary as well.  Check Tuition and Fees for more.

Please see Graduate Admissions for both general and program-specific information.

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