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SGA Senate - Columbus State University

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SGA Senate

Speaker of the Senate

Courtney Anderson Davis

Courtney Anderson Davis

Position: Speaker of the Senate, Student Government Association
Office: Davidson Student Center 207, Office #202
Bio: My name is Courtney Anderson Davis and I am the Speaker of the Senate of SGA’s 64th Administration. I am a double major in Kinesiology and International Business with a minor in International Studies. I am Vice President of Cougarthon and participate in many clubs across campus. I joined SGA to advocate for the student body and inspire change. I look forward to serving you all throughout the 2022-2023 school year.

Turner College of Business & Technology

Accounting & Finance, Management & Marketing, and TSYS School of Computer Science

Senator, Khyran Bush -

Senator, Matthew Hall -


College of the Arts

Art, Communication, Schwob School of Music, and Theatre



College of Letter & Sciences

Biology, Chemistry, English, Mathematics, Psychology, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, History & Geography, Public Administration, Politics, and Earth & Space Sciences

Senator, Sawyer Kovacs -

Senator, Adrian Peterson -

Senator, David Sparkman -


College of Education and Health Professions

School of Nursing, Kinesiology and Health Sciences, and Teacher Education, Leadership, and Counseling

Senator, Charisma Bell -


Honors College

Honors Degrees



Graduate School

Graduate Council, Graduate Degrees, Graduate Faculty Members

Senator, Agnelo Lopes -



Senator, Henry Jones -


Cougar Allocation Committee

Senator, Charisma Bell-Cheeks

Senator, Khyran Bush

Senator, Henry Jones

Senator, Adrian Peterson

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