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Judicial Council - Columbus State University

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Student Life

Judicial Council

David Sparkman

Position: Chief Justice, Student Government Association
Office: Davidson Student Center 207, Office #203
Statement: My name is David Sparkman and I am the Chief Justice for the Student Government Association’s 65th administration. I am a senior majoring in Sociology with a minor in Geography. Beginning my journey within SGA as a Senator, I have experienced a wealth of opportunities to engage with the student body and be a part of change in this institution and community. Serving as Chief Justice, I hope to support this organization as well as the student body to ensure the best experience Columbus State University can offer.

Associate Justices

Become a SGA Justice! - CSUinvolve


Office of the Dean of Students

The Office of the Dean of Students (DOS) is dedicated to providing assistance to each student in an effort to foster a safe, enjoyable, and successful college experience. Listed below are some of the services available through the DOS Office. The Dean of Students serves as the Advisor for the Student Government Association.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Columbus State University exists to serve the higher education needs of those students who qualify for admission. The essence of higher education is found in the unhampered freedom to study, investigate, write, speak and debate on any aspect or issue of life. In attempting to achieve that unhampered freedom, the students acquire certain fundamental rights and responsibilities. These rights and responsibilities, as defined in the Student Handbook, are considered an integral part of the educational process at Columbus State University. Any additional rights or responsibilities may be promulgated under established procedures during the school year as required for the general well being of the student body and university.



We, the students of Columbus State University, desiring a more representative and efficient student government, wanting better communications between students and the university's administration and faculty, seeking to cultivate and preserve the ideals of good citizenship and to maintain a more complete and fruitful atmosphere of learning, do hereby establish this Constitution for Student Government.

Student Government Constitution (PDF)

Student Government Bylaws (PDF)

Note: The full SGA Constitution can be found on page 58 of the Student Handbook (PDF).

Judicial Council Resources

The Judicial Council is established in Article V of the SGA Constitution in the Student Handbook (PDF).

Appeal Parking Ticket

Individuals who wish to appeal a parking ticket received at Columbus State University should click on this link, directing them to the Appeals page on the Parking site.

Library Fines

It is the borrower's responsibility to renew or return items when they are due. Overdue items/fines will prevent the student from registering, receiving a transcript, or participating in graduation. Students may file an appeal with the Student Government Association.

File a Complaint (PDF)

If a student wishes to file a complaint regarding the Student Government Association or the constitutionality of one or more of its members, click on File a Complaint. For information regarding other types of complaints see Complaints and Appeals. If a student needs any assistance, they may contact the Student Affairs Office at 706-507-8730.

Appeals Request Form (PDF)

Amending Agreement (PDF)

New Amending Agreement (PDF)

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