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General Information - Columbus State University

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Printing Services

General Information

Placing an Order

Department Orders: Orders can be placed via eQuest for tracking and billing purposes. Please include any and all information concerning the order.

Student Orders: Orders can be placed via email, phone, or in person at our front desk.

Faculty and Staff Orders: Personal orders can be submitted via email, phone, or in person at our front desk.

File Submission Format

Files can be submitted via eQuest, email, or stop by the shop. The following formats are acceptable:

  • .pdf
  • .eps
  • .jpeg


Our design team specializes in the creation of simple designs that require a quick turn-around, i.e. flyers, posters, banners. Detailed or complex designs may require more time in creation. Consultations are recommended to prevent any delay in the processing of your request.


Pre-press is the phase in which a pre-designed file is prepared for printing. Not all files are submitted in a print-ready format and require amendments in order for the file to print correctly.

This process includes verifying:

  • CMYK and pantone colors
  • Photos are proper resolution
  • Proper logo usage

And other common issues.

Digital Print & Press Orders

How do I know which to choose?

Simple answer:

  • Short turn-around, small quantities = digital print (quick copy)
  • Longer turn-around, large quantities = press orders

However, the answer is not always simple. Several factors are considered when processing each order such as cost, lead time, and the number of steps required to process the order.


Standard CSU envelopes are printed in quantities of 500 and are considered a press order. Special envelope orders can be printed in a variety of quantities and colors.

Wide Format

We can print up to 54" wide.

Should I order black or color print?

What type of file is needed to print in wide format?

We recommend that the file be to size at 300 dpi. However, we realize this is not always possible and can assist with enlarging your image. Please note that when enlarging your file there may be loss of quality if the resolution cannot support the larger size.

Ask Cody

Ask Cody