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Addressing and Mail Preparation - Columbus State University

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Printing Services

Addressing and Mail Preparation

postage stamWe offer addressing and mail preparation in addition to printing!

By working directly with CSU Mail Services, we are able to prep your printed pieces and mail them for you. Your order stays on campus until it is sent to the Post Office, reducing the time it takes for it to go out! We offer a variety of addressing options to assist in meeting your deadlines and keeping your budget within means. Your mailing can be sent First Class (Standard), First Class Pre-sorted, or Bulk. See details below for more information.

How it works

Order Submission

Separate E-Quests must be submitted to Printing Services for items to be processed for mailing. The e-quest to Printing Services covers the printing and mail preparation while the mailing e-quest covers the postage. It is recommended that you place an e-quest for the postage of the mail-out at least one week prior to the expected mail date in order to prevent any delays.

Mail List

Mailing lists should be submitted as an Excel spreadsheet with each item of the address listed in separate columns. For instance Column A would be dedicated to the Recipient's Name, Column B would be dedicated to the street number, and so on. Please be sure to format your names consistently in order to reduce issues, i.e. Mr. First Name Last Name or First Last Name.

Lists over 100 addresses, unless otherwise instructed, are processed through a filtering system to change forwarded addresses and remove incorrect addresses. We call this process MOVE UPDATE. Our system is updated in real time with information from the USPS to ensure that your mailing list is current. This process saves you time and money by reducing returned mail. Once your list has been processed the list of unmailable addresses will be returned to you via e-mail, along with a report detailing the errors.

Mailing Options

As previously mentioned, options are available for postage. Below are guidelines to assist you in choosing which route is best for you.

First Class Standard

This postage can be applied to any amount as there is no minimum required. Presorting is not required and standard charges apply. When ready, the mailing is metered by Mailing Services and delivered to the Post Office. The metering charges are applied to your e-quest submitted to Mail Services.

Presorted First Class

For Presorted First Class permit mail, there is a minimum of 500 pieces of identical weight and contents. During this process, the pieces are addressed, bar-coded  and a first class permit is applied for the postage. It is then sorted appropriately for mailing. Once the mailing has been sent out by USPS, a bill for postage is sent to Mail Services and these charges are applied to your e-quest.


For Presorted Standard (Bulk) mail, there is a minimum of 200 pieces of identical weight and contents. During this process the pieces are addressed, bar-coded and a bulk permit is applied for the postage. It is then sorted for mailing. Once the mailing has been sent out by USPS, a bill for postage is sent to Mail Services and these charges are applied to your e-quest. Permit10 is designated for CSU departmental use only. Unless otherwise requested, permit 10 will be used for all bulk and presorted first class mail.

Design and Layout

On the addressed side of the piece, avoid lines and artwork that may interfere with the automated mailing machines. Follow our templates link for templates and samples. If you are unsure if your layout falls within the guidelines required by the USPS, feel fee to contact our department or Mail Services for verification.

Consultations are recommended for large print and mail orders to ensure that your order is routed properly and on time.

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