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Mission Statement - Columbus State University

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School of Policy, Justice, and Public Safety

Mission Statement


Envisioning a world where communities and governance unite in harmony, with academic partnerships leading the way. We aspire to pave a path characterized by ethical leadership, integrity, accountability, inclusiveness, and justice, setting a precedent for the societies of tomorrow.


At the forefront of our mission is the deep engagement with communities and the measurable academic achievements of our students. We incorporate a variety of strategies and practices to foster professional development and leadership skills along with preparing students for their future careers that encourage civic and community engagement.  By empowering the next generation of public servants through multidisciplinary education and training, we integrate community-centric approaches with clear academic benchmarks. Drawing from insights in social and public policy, criminology, political science, and public safety, we commit to fostering an environment of collaborative ethical leadership, integrity, and accountability. As we actively engage students and communities alike, championing student success at every step, we aim to redefine public service. Our mission is a nexus where the voices of our communities harmonize with the academic excellence and achievements of our students within the institution.

Expected Outcomes

Political Science graduates will:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the discipline of political science in terms of its history, content, purpose and methodologies
  • demonstrate knowledge of the sub-fields of political science (American politics, political theory, comparative politics, international relations, public administration, political behavior/policy, and law)
  • demonstrate the ability to analyze materials (e.g. data, texts), and to think critically
  • demonstrate the effective ability to communicate orally
  • demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively in writing be prepared to achieve their personal goals with regard to intellectual and social skills be prepared to achieve their personal goals with regard to governmental employment, private employment, graduate and/or professional school

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