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Honor Societies - Columbus State University

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School of Policy, Justice, and Public Safety

Honor Societies

The Department of Political Science is host to two honor societies: Pi Sigma Alpha and Pi Alpha Alpha. Students of Political Science who meet the appropriate requirements are also eligible to join Phi Kappa Phi, an interdisciplinary honor society.

Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Sigma Alpha is the national honor society for undergraduate and graduate students of political science, with over 440 chapters established in colleges and universities throughout the United States. The purpose of Pi Sigma Alpha is to stimulate scholarship and interest in the subject of government by providing tangible recognition to students who have excelled in the field. Membership in this society is a prized distinction, marking the student who has been accepted for membership as an outstanding student in the discipline. Besides the distinction per se, members are eligible for certain privileges.

Admission criteria for Pi Sigma Alpha:

  • Junior, Senior, Graduate Status
  • Minimum of 10 POLS hours exclusive of POLS 1101 and POLS 2101
  • 10 Semester Hours
  • Upper 1/3 of class in general scholarship
  • Grade of B or better in all POLS courses
  • Local Chapter requirements

The Pi Sigma Alpha Chapter on the Columbus State University campus is Upsilon Sigma. Eligibility for membership requires meeting standards that, by unanimous decision of the charter members, are more rigorous than the national standards.

Admission criteria for Upsilon Sigma:

  • Junior, Senior, Graduate Status
  • 12 Semester Hours in POLS, exclusive of POLS 1101 and of POLS 2101
  • POLS 2101
  • At least one 3000-level POLS course
  • Combined GPA of 2.75
  • Columbus State University GPA of 3.00
  • Columbus State University POLS GPA of 3.60

For more information about Pi Sigma Alpha contact:

Dr. Jacob Holt
(706) 562-1693

Pi Alpha Alpha

Pi Alpha Alpha is the national honor society formed to recognize and promote excellence in the study and practice of public affairs and administration. In its constitution, the organization dedicates itself to:

  • encourage and recognize outstanding scholarship and accomplishment in public affairs and administration
  • promote the advancement of education and practice in the art and science of public affairs and administration, and
  • foster integrity, professionalism, and creative performance in the conduct of governmental and related public service activities.

PAA membership identifies those with the highest performance levels in educational programs preparing them for public service careers. PAA honorary membership identifies those whose careers have best advanced the ideals of "integrity, professionalism, and creative performance" in public service.

The mission of PAA is advanced through the national organization and through the work of local Pi Alpha Alpha chapters established by collegiate programs in public affairs and administration which are affiliated with the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

Pi Alpha Alpha is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, the coordinating agency for collegiate honor societies that are dedicated to maintaining high standards for the recognition and promotion of academic excellence in higher education.

For more information about Pi Alpha Alpha contact:

Dr. Saerim Kim
(706) 507-8725

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