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Traditional Student Orientation - Columbus State University

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Traditional Student Orientation

Welcome to the Traditional Student Orientation. If you are a Freshman, please read and thoroughly follow the steps below to register. All students are required to attend a ROAR Virtual Session prior to enrolling in classes.

Once you have completed all required ROAR components, your academic advisor will then advise you on which classes to take during your first semester.

Spring Orientation opens Monday, October 17 at 8:00am

How to Register for Virtual Roar Orientation (Starting Classes Spring 2023)

Please note: In order to be registered for a virtual orientation session, you have to complete the payment of $25.00 at the end of the registration process.

Step 1
On MyCSU, under Student Records, click on 'Advising Survey' to complete the advising survey. Once the advising survey has been completed, your advisor will reach out to you to confirm your schedule for the Spring 2023 semester.
Step 2

Log into your MyCSU and click 'Orientation' under Student Records OR click on the ROAR Orientation Notifications. Complete the registration process and payment. Please choose a virtual zoom session to attend while registering.

The dates are:

  • Wednesday, November 30: 12pm & 5pm
  • Tuesday, December 6: 12pm & 5pm
  • Thursday, December 15: 1pm & 5pm
  • Wednesday, January 4: 12pm & 5pm
  • Friday, January 13: 5pm
Step 3
Click on CougarVIEW (located in MyCSU) and find the ‘ROAR Orientation 2023’ Course. Select the course to access the modules. You will have access to the course after Friday, October 21. *Please note that it can take up to 48 hours for the course to appear on Cougarview. If you do not see it after 48 hours please contact us.
Step 4
Click on content. Complete all five modules. The 'ROAR Orientation 2023' modules will take no more than 1 hour to complete.


Register Now

If you need assistance, please contact us at 706-507-8593 or email us at

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