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Traditional Student Orientation - Columbus State University


Fall Admit Traditional Student Orientation

Welcome to the Traditional Student Orientation. Our Orientation program is offered through three different programs tailored to help you build lasting relationships with students, faculty and staff, while also providing information to be successful throughout your college experience. In-person orientation is required for all incoming students starting their first semester in August 2022.

Once you have completed all required ROAR components, your academic advisor will then advise you on which classes to take during your first semester.

Fall Admit Student Orientation Registration is Now Open!

  • ROAR Traditional Sessions: Traditional in-person orientation events provide the opportunity to connect with students, faculty, and staff, while also gaining the information needed to create a successful environment here at CSU. During this one day orientation, you will navigate around campus with fellow students learning about classes and campus life.
  • ROAR+ Hybrid Sessions: Two day hybrid orientation events provide all of the same information and connections as a ROAR Traditional event, with an added virtual first day. Students will join virtually through the online platform discord on day one to start connecting with students, faculty, and staff while participating in different team activities. Students will attend the second day in-person at the ROAR Traditional Session, where you will navigate around campus and continue to build relationships.
  • ROAR+ Overnight Sessions: ROAR+ overnight orientation events dive deeper into personal development and building relationships through team based activities. Through these activities you will connect with students, faculty, and staff, while gaining the information needed to create a successful environment here at CSU. During the two days spent here on campus, you will work together with fellow students to complete challenges while also learning about courses and campus life.

*Students attending ROAR+ overnight events will be required to stay in on-campus housing.

If you are a First Year Student, please read and thoroughly follow the steps below to register. All students are required to attend a ROAR/ROAR+ session to remove any holds that may restrict your enrollment process.

Starting Classes Fall 2022

How to Register for New Student ROAR Orientation

Step 1
On MyCSU, under Student Records, click on 'Advising Survey'. Once the advising survey is complete, your advisor will create your first semester schedule. You will confirm your schedule with your advisor at the ROAR Orientation Virtual Orientation Session!
Step 2

Click register now at the bottom of this page OR log into your MyCSU and click 'Orientation' under Student Records. When prompted, select the term you are entering CSU. Once you have registered for a ROAR Orientation Session, you will receive a confirmation email with your date and time. Please CONTINUOUSLY check your student email for information on your orientation..


  • ROAR+ Hybrid Session: [CLOSED]
    • Tuesday, June 21, Virtual Interactive Day
    • Wednesday, June 22, ROAR Traditional Main Campus
  • ROAR+ 2-Day Overnight: Tuesday, June 28–Wednesday, June 29 - Main Campus [CLOSED]
  • ROAR+ 2-Day Overnight: Wednesday, July 6–Thursday, July 7 - Main Campus
  • ROAR Traditional 1-Day: Saturday, July 16 - RiverPark Campus [CLOSED]
  • ROAR+ 2-Day Overnight: Thursday, July 21–Friday, July 22 - RiverPark Campus
  • ROAR Traditional 1-Day: Tuesday, July 26 - Main Campus
  • ROAR Traditional 1-Day:  Saturday, July 30 - Main Campus

Note: RiverPark sessions are held on our downtown campus. These sessions are great for incoming nursing, art, theater, communication, education, music, film production and history students.

Step 3
Complete the registration process. Choose one of the ROAR Orientation Sessions—these in-person sessions are required. At the end of the registration process, you will be redirected for payment.The ROAR Registration Fee is $85 per student and $50 for up to 2 guests.

* Please note that guests are not required to come but are always welcomed. If you choose the overnight 2-day option then please note that guests do not have to come until day 2.

Step 4
Click on CougarVIEW (located in MyCSU) and find the 'Pre-Orientation Traditional 2022’ Course. Select the course to access the modules. After Friday, April 1st, you will have access to the course two business days following a successful registration and payment.
Step 5
Click on content. Complete all five modules. The 'Pre-Orientation Traditional 2022’ modules will take no more than 1 hour to complete.
Step 6
Attend your scheduled ROAR In-Person Orientation Session in order for your hold to be removed and register for classes.
Step 7
On your ROAR Orientation session date, please show up to the campus for check in starting at 7:30am.

Remember that you must:

  • Complete the Advising Survey
  • Complete the 'Pre-Orientation Traditional 2022’' modules (Available starting April 1)
  • Attend your required scheduled Traditional ROAR In-Person Orientation Session

If you need assistance, please contact us at 706-507-8593 or email us at

Please Note: There are no refunds for the ROAR Orientation Program after registration and payment have been submitted.

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