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Non-Traditional Student Orientation - Columbus State University


Non-Traditional Student Orientation

Welcome to the Non-Traditional Student Orientation!

A non-traditional student is defined a student who has been out of high school for more than 5 years or those transferring from another institution with less than thirty hours. Please read and thoroughly follow the steps below to register.

All students are required to complete a Non-Traditional Orientation session prior to enrolling in classes.

Once you have completed all required ROAR Orientation components and have attended your scheduled session, your academic advisor will then advise you on which classes to take during your first semester.

The ROAR Orientation program is assisted by current Columbus State University students who serve as a great liaison for our campus community.

Summer and Fall Admit Student Orientation Registration is Now Open!

Starting Classes Summer or Fall 2022

How to Register for Non-Traditional ROAR Virtual Orientation

Step 1
On MyCSU, under Student Records, click on 'Advising Survey'. Once the advising survey is complete, your advisor will create your first semester schedule. You will confirm your schedule with your advisor at the ROAR Orientation Virtual Orientation Session!
Step 2

Click register now at the bottom of this page OR log into your MyCSU and click 'Orientation' under Student Records. When prompted, select the term you are entering CSU. Once you have registered for a ROAR Virtual Orientation Session, a Zoom link will be sent to you a week prior to the scheduled session. The ROAR Registration Fee is $50 per student.

Summer Virtual Dates:

  • Friday, May 6: 12pm, 5pm
  • Wednesday, May 25: 12pm, 5pm

Fall Virtual Dates:

  • Friday, June 17: 5pm
  • Tuesday, July 12: 5pm
  • Friday, July 29: 6pm
Step 3
Complete the registration process. Choose one of the ROAR Orientation Sessions—these sessions are fully online. At the end of the registration process, you will be redirected for payment.
Step 4
Click on CougarVIEW (located in MyCSU) and find the 'Non-traditional and Transfer Online Orientation' Course. Select the course to access the modules. After Friday, April 1st, you may have access to the course two business days following a successful registration and payment.
Step 5
Click on content. Complete all five modules. The ‘ROAR Orientation Non-traditional and Transfer 2022’ modules will take you no more than 1 hour to complete.
Step 6
Attend your scheduled ROAR Virtual Orientation Session in order for your hold to be removed and register for classes.
Step 7
On your ROAR Orientation session date, please log into the Zoom session at least five minutes before it starts.
Remember that you must:
  • Complete the Advising Survey
  • Complete the 'ROAR Orientation Non-Traditional & Transfer 2022' modules
  • Attend your required scheduled Non-Traditional ROAR Virtual Orientation Session

If you need assistance, please contact us at 706-507-8593 or email us at

Please Note: There are no refunds for the ROAR Orientation Program after registration and payment have been submitted.

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