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Faculty Success Guide - Columbus State University

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Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Faculty Success Guide

Welcome to Faculty Success!

What is Faculty Success and why use it?

Faculty Success is the software for the Faculty Activities Database (FAD) developed by Faculty Success by Watermark, which allows faculty to document their accomplishments and professional activities and generate reports. It can also be used to create “Workflows”, which has become our primary means for Faculty Applications, Evaluations, as well as Promotion and Tenure applications.

As we digitize more of our administrative record keeping, Faculty Success Activity Insight (FSAI) offers a platform in which to permanently store faculty information. Once faculty activity information has been entered into Activity Insight, it never again needs to be re-entered. This information can be used to generate reports for all stakeholders from the faculty member his/herself to academic leaders (e.g., department chairs, deans, etc.). Faculty never again need to be asked on a ‘one-off’ basis for information for every individual report that needs to be prepared such as for accreditation, annual merit appraisals and media surveys.

Faculty can use FS to:

  • Maintain archival history of faculty accomplishments
  • Use information in FS to create TPR dossiers, annual activity reports, and program review documents
  • Manage CVs, including output options for NIH and NSF bio sketches
  • Make existing data collection reporting more efficient
  • Easily access activity data in one place to maintain and generate many reports

Administrators can use FS to:

  • Use for electronic processing of TPR reviews
  • Generate reports for assessment and program review
  • Generate customized reports for accreditation
  • Provide better publicizing of faculty accomplishments
  • Maintain archival history of faculty accomplishments

Quick Guide to Upload

Quick Guide to Entering Information into Activities

Accessing Your Account
Login to the FS from the MyCSU button under the Faculty/Staff tab.

Main Menu Overview
Once you log in, you will be directed to the Main Menu and will see several categories of information. You may click on any one of these categories to add or edit information about your activities.
The step-by-step below will show you how to enter information into the Education category.

Choose a Category
Step 1: In the Main Menu, click on Education.
Step 2: To enter new information, click on "Add New Item”.

Entering Information
Step 3: Select your degree from the drop-down menu.
Step 4: Enter in your remaining information for all applicable fields (only the date is required for an entry).
Step 5: Click “Save” to save the information that you have entered.

Ask Cody

Ask Cody