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Transient Student Processes - Columbus State University

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Office of Financial Aid

Transient Student Processes

When you will temporarily attend another school (this is known as "Transient") you must follow all steps in order to receive Federal Student Aid and/or HOPE Scholarship funds to meet costs for coursework taken at another institution.

Please follow these steps in order to complete the process.


1. Complete and submit a CSU Transient Permission Request Form to the CSU Registrar's Office.

Indicate on this form that you wish for a copy of the approval to be sent to the CSU Financial Aid Office.


2. Take the Transient Permission Letter that you receive from the CSU Registrar's Office to the Host Institution's Admissions Office.

3. Register and pay for classes at the Host Institution.


4. Send a copy of your paid receipt and class schedule to the CSU Financial Aid Office. If you have financial aid (other than HOPE) for the term that you will be transient, a Consortium Agreement Form will be sent on your behalf to the host institution.

You may want to follow up with the Host Institution's Financial Aid Office that they have received the Consortium Agreement Form from the CSU Financial Aid Office, as you will not receive any aid for the transient coursework until we receive the completed agreement.

The host institution must complete and return the Consortium Agreement Form to CSU in order for your aid request to be processed. We cannot move forward with your aid request without the completed form.

Your eligibility for any additional financial aid will be evaluated after the CSU Financial Aid Office receives all of the above documents and the signed, completed Consortium Agreement from the Host Institution.

NOTE: CSU will provide payment of funds after the term has begun.

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