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First-Year Composition - Columbus State University

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Department of English

First-Year Composition

The First Year Composition (FYC) Program at CSU puts learners at the center of learning. Our mission is to help learners develop strategies that will allow them to continue to develop as writers and producers of knowledge beyond first year composition.

The FYC Program begins with ENGL 1101, which is focused around Writing as Inquiry. In this class, students are introduced to academic research and practice identifying, analyzing, and discussing complex ideas. In this class we ask students to explore, to question, and to “listen” with the goal of understanding. In ENGL 1102, which is focused on Writing as Argument, students are asked to tailor arguments to specific audiences and deepen their research skills. In this class, students craft their positions and present them to specific audiences by considering the needs, expectations, and positions of the intended audience. In both sections, there is a heavy emphasis on writing processes such as invention and revision.

Below are the courses in our FYC sequence.

  • ENGL 0999: Learning Support
  • ENGL 1101: Writing as Inquiry
  • ENGL 1102: Writing as Argument

Current course descriptions may be found in the Academic Catalog.


Dr. Rebecca Gerdes-McClain
Director of FYC
Arnold Hall 222
Phone: (706)-565-1217

Ms. Crystal Woods
Assistant Director of FYC
Arnold Hall 241
Phone: (706)-565-1220

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