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CougarsCare - Columbus State University

Counseling Center


Additional Mental Health and Wellness Services for Students

CougarsCare offers Columbus State University a variety of free support options designed to help your mental health and wellness. Wherever you are - on campus, off campus, on break or traveling, you can access these services.

24/7/365 Access to a Counselor

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24/7 clinical support phone support from a licensed counselor is available at 833-910-3363(US) and/or +44 20 8987 6588 (international). You’ll be connected to a licensed mental health counselor in about 30 seconds or less, who will listen, offer guidance, or help you set a plan. The 24/7 support line counselors offer immediate support, regardless of your location, to help you manage your concerns or whatever prompted your call. Common reasons students call include:

  • Feelings of anxiety, depression, or stress
  • Relationship problems or worries
  • Grief and loss
  • Help with coping skills
  • Support between therapy sessions
  • Adjusting to your new college environment
  • Feeling lonely, missing home or friends

5 Virtual Counseling Sessions

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Licensed counselors are available to meet with you for 5 free virtual mental health counseling sessions per year. Wherever you are, whether on campus or off, there’s someone you can trust as close as your phone, iPad, or laptop. Appointments are generally available for same-day and next-day services. To get started call 833-910-3363 and ask to be set up with your free, virtual counseling sessions, or follow the instructions below.

Virtual Counseling Sessions Set Up Instructions (PDF)

Prescription Services for Mental Health Medication

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You have access to an online prescribing clinic for evaluation and management of mental health medications. You can also meet with a provider for assessment to initiate medication or to support your ongoing mental health needs. To access these services, please contact 706-507-8740 to get a referral.

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