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Master Natural Science Chemistry Track - Columbus State University

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Department of Chemistry

Master Natural Science Chemistry Track

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Program Description

The Master of Science in the Natural Sciences with a Chemistry Track at Columbus State University is intended to provide students with a curriculum that consists of core and elective courses in chemistry. Students may enroll in the thesis or non-thesis options. Students admitted into the thesis option are required to conduct research in an area of chemistry of their choice, write a thesis and disseminate the results of their research through publication or another appropriate venue. Students enrolled in the non-thesis option are required to complete additional graduate courses from the electives.

Graduate Assistantships and Tuition waiver

Graduate students admitted under regular admission are eligible for Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GSA) and full-tuition waiver. In spring and fall 2018, a GSA will get $8000 as stipend and tuition waiver (in-state students $1854; out- of -state and international students $7209)

Complete course requirements for this track be found here: M.S. Natural Sciences-Chemistry Track


Professor Anil C. Banerjee
Chemistry Graduate Program Coordinator
Phone: (706) 569-3030

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