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Campus Safety & University Police - Columbus State University

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Campus Safety & University Police

The CSU University Police Main Campus office is located in the University Police Department, located next to the Turner Center. The CSU University Police RiverPark campus office is located at 1013 Broadway. The department has sworn police officers who are responsible for life and property safety, parking enforcement and enforcement of state and local laws. The officers also secure campus buildings, assist motorists with battery jump-offs and patrol the university campus on foot, bikes, and marked patrol cars.

Operation and parking of a motor vehicle on campus is a privilege. All motor vehicles (including motorcycles) parked on campus, CSU Courtyard I & II and RiverPark campus are required to have a university decal. Students must first register online thru ISIS for a temporary parking decal, valid for five (5) business days, and then obtain their permanent parking decal at the University Police Department in the University Police Department. Permits are issued and valid for the school year. Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for vehicles (to include parking citations) while their vehicles are located on university property. Temporary permits are available for students online thru ISIS. Temporary permits should be obtained and placed on vehicles upon arrival on campus. Faculty and Staff temporary parking permits are issued at the Main Campus University Police Building. Two parking decals are included in the university access fee. Additional decals maybe purchased for $5.00 each.

Habitual parking violators will be booted and/or towed. Tow and Boot Fees are the responsibility of the violator. The Boot Fee is $50 and can be paid to the Bursars Office in University Hall. Also, illegally parked vehicles in handicapped parking are subject to a $100.00 fine.

A complete code of motor vehicle regulations may be found in the Student Handbook and the University Police Department. For more information, visit the University Police Web site at

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