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Mission, Vision, & Priorities - Columbus State University

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Mission, Vision, & Priorities


Columbus State University strives to be a first choice institution for discerning students who seek challenging programs, engaged faculty, and a vibrant, globally connected campus culture


We empower people to contribute to the advancement of our local and global communities through an emphasis on excellence in teaching and research, life-long learning, cultural enrichment, public-private partnerships, and service to others


  • Attract a higher percentage of students with the motivation and preparation to complete a degree
  • Employ more creative instructional methods to meet the needs of diverse students (nontraditional, traditional, first generation, international, honors, graduates)
  • Increase student academic and social engagement and sense of belonging
  • Sustain the university's growth by focusing resources in areas with strong potential based on emerging opportunities
  • Improve faculty/staff retention, job satisfaction, and productivity
  • Improve stewardship through leadership in sustainability programs, the efficient use of resources, and external partnerships

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