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College of Letters and Sciences Degree Program Course Requirements - Columbus State University

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College of Letters and Sciences Degree Program Course Requirements

For general degree requirements, see the College of Letters and Sciences and the General Degree Requirements pages.

Biology Department

BA Biology

BA Biology and Secondary Education

BS Biology

Chemistry Department

BA Chemistry

BA Chemistry and Secondary Education

BS Chemistry - Applied Track

BS Chemistry - Forensics Track

BS Chemistry - Professional Track

Criminal Justice and Sociology Department

Certificate In Criminal Justice

AAS In Criminal Justice

BS Criminal Justice

BS Sociology

General Sociology Concentration

Applied Sociology Concentration

Crime, Deviance, and Society Concentration

Deans Office

AS In General Studies

Earth and Space Science Department

BS Earth and Space Science - Astrophysics and Planetary Geology Track

BS Earth and Space Science - Geology

BS Earth and Space Science - Secondary Education

BS Geology

BS Geology and Secondary Education (Earth Science)

English Department

BA English- Creative Writing

BA English - Literature Concentration

BA English - Professional Writing Concentration

BA English and Secondary Education

Environmental Science Program

MS Environmental Science

MS Environmental Science Non-Thesis Track

History Department

BA History

BA History and Secondary Education

Mathematics and Philosophy Department

BA Mathematics

BA Mathematics and Secondary Education

BS Mathematics

BS Mathematics - Applied Mathematics Concentration

Modern and Classical Languages Department

BA French

BA French with Teacher Certification

BA Spanish

BA Spanish with Teacher Certification

Political Science & MPA Department

BA Political Science

MPA Environmental Policy Option

MPA Government Administration Option

MPA Justice Administration Option


BA Psychology

BS Psychology

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