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Request a New Organization - Columbus State University

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Student Life

Request a New Organization

The Office of Student Life and Development welcomes you to our community of organizations. There are approximately 100 active student organizations on the campus of Columbus State University. We refer to these organizations as Registered Student Organizations or RSO's. Once you have completed the application process and gone through the approval process you will be a part of a community of leaders who are active in programming social, philanthropic, and educational events.

We want you to know that the Office of Student Life and Development is here to help you through this time of forming your organization and we will do anything we can to help you succeed. We hope that you will find the information provided here to be helpful and easy to understand.

If you have any questions, visit the Office of Student Life and Development in the Davidson Student Center, Room 271 or call 706-507-8590.

Register a NEW Student Organization
Reactivate a Past Registered Student Organization

If you are an organization that has been active in the PAST:

  • Meet with the Office of Student Life and Development to obtain copies of any past constitutions or paperwork relevant to the organization.
  • Review the RSO Handbook (PDF) for policies and procedures related to organizations.
  • Once complete continue to Step 2.

If you are a forming a new organization continue below:

Step 1:

Notify the Office of Student Life and Development of your intent to form an organization. Please include the proposed title, purpose and organization type (Academic & Professional, Faith Based, Greek Life, Honor Society, Performing Arts, Special Interest).

Contact: Melissa Dempsey,

Step 2: Adviser

Secure the commitment of a CSU faculty or staff member to serve as the adviser of this RSO.

  • See the RSO Handbook (PDF) for tips on the role of the adviser.
  • Note: An organization may have more than one advisor, however, at least one must be an on campus faculty or staff member.

Step 3: Paperwork

  • Complete the online registration through CSUinvolve.
    Below is a list of all components needed to complete the online process:
    • Create a constitution for the organization. See the Forms page for assistance.
    • Scanned copy of Petitioner Signature Form (PDF). Must include at least 5 signatures of current CSU students who are interested in joining the organization.
    • Contact information for on campus adviser.
  • Once the above steps are completed:
    • The online application will be reviewed by the appropriate administrator. The point of contact will be notified of approval.
    • Following approval, SGA will contact the organization to discuss becoming a part of SGA
      Benefits of joining SGA are:
      • Each organization will have a representative serve as a liaison
      • Opportunity to apply for organization funding

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