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Student Leadership & Service - Columbus State University

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Student Life

Student Leadership & Service

Day of Service

An annual service day within the Columbus community which partners with over 30 non-profits to provide students, faculty, staff, and community partners with an opportunity to engage through service. This day is designed for students to gain more insight into how service impacts our community. We hope that it creates the initial opportunity for students to network with our community partners and serve them throughout the academic year. More information on Day of Service


Cougarthon is an annual campus-wide philanthropic dance marathon event that is a yearlong fundraiser benefitting our local children‘s Miracle Network hospital. This event encompasses dancing, challenges, and testimonies from our miracle families. Students involved in Dance Marathon gain valuable skills in fundraising, peer management, delegation, and philanthropy. Miracle Network Dance Marathon programs have collectively raised more than $200 million since 1991. More information on Cougarthon


Student Leadership & Service (SLS) focuses on the development of students through leadership development and service opportunities that connect students to community partners and stakeholders. SLS provides students with experiential learning opportunities through workshops, retreats, training sessions, and service learning that provide an opportunity to build self-awareness.


To assist in the delivery of services, gain valuable experience, and engage in successful applied-learning opportunities outside of the classroom. (name change) provides students the opportunity to serve on campus and connect with community members through various sectors and backgrounds.


Student Leadership develops students of Columbus State University to be productive citizens by offering programs and services that focus on the following pillars:leadership development and community engagement through service and volunteerism.


Student Leadership & Service commits to help our students gain insight, value service & leadership development, and take actions by:

  • Student Leadership Development Trainings & Workshops
  • Student Leadership Conference
  • Student Leadership & Recognition Awards
  • Service Opportunities

Volunteer Information

To see our list of volunteer agencies, please see Volunteer Agencies.

Track your Service Hours on CSUinvovle
After signing in:

  • Go to you Profile (Right Hand Corner)
  • Check Service Hours
  • Check "Add Service Hours " (Right Hand Corner)

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