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CSU eSports


Columbus State University eSports

For information on our eSports Program please email William Keen at

Fall 2023 CSU eSports Teams

Rocket League A Team

Coach: Christan Serrano
Jordan McWilliams
Donovan Wright
Will Mcilvan

Valorant A Team

Evan Mcabee
Payton Mobley
Luke Long
Christan Morales
Westly Groff

CSU eSport Fall 2023 Team Photo

Spring 2023 CSU eSports Teams

Player of the Year

Christian Alvord

Overwatch - Spring 2023

CSU eSport Player of the Year Christian Alvord

League Of Legends Semifinalists

Team Coach: Johnathan Leverette
Team Coach: Alphonzo Faustino
Chance Daniel
Darryl McNeil
Bhavik Patel
Dillon Jack
Ethan Hicks
Jaden Malcolm
Jae Hak Kang
Caster: Gavin Vaverchak
Faculty Advisor/Team Manager: Dr. Sharon Welburn

CSU eSport Spring 2023 Team Photo

Overwatch Semifinalists

Team Coach: Coach Fallen
Team Coach: Marcus Tarver Smith
Team Coach: Andrew Brooks
Carlos Hernandez
Isaiah Anderson
Jay Strange
Liam Aycock
Malik Long
Maverick Rushin
Christian Alvord
Austin Slocumb
Caleb Huneycutt
Harold Sanders
Morgan Irby
Kaitlyn Radeline
Caster: Jarel Hearst
Team Manager: Aislinn Ekey
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sharon Welburn

CSU eSport Spring 2023 Overwatch Team Photo

Fall 2022 CSU Esports Team

Valorant - 2nd Place at Peach Belt Conference Championship

Coach Andrew Brooks
Coach Bradley Pilcher
Coach Johnathan Kreyling Hoag
Coach Charles Surmaza
Coach Tyler Wenndt
Caster - Aislinn Ekey
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sharon Renner,
Christian Morales Wright
Dillon Jack
Evan McAbee
Jonathan Shriver
Khurram Lodhi
Lucius Long
Michael Alvord
Maverick Rushin
Payton Mobley
Westley Groff

CSU eSport Fall 2022 Team Valorant Photo

Newcomer of the Year

Luke Long

Valorant - Fall 2022

Luke Long

Rocket League Quarterfinalists

Rocket League
Chandler Ring
Donovan Wright
Jordan McWilliams
Justin Whitmore
Will Mcilvain
Christian Serrano

CSU eSport Fall 2022 Rocket League Team Photo

Spring 2022 CSU Esports Team

League Of Legends Quarterfinalists

Team Coach: Dr. Sharon Renner
Team Coach: Alphonzo Faustino
Jessica Davis
Jonathan Kreyling-Hoag
Michael Lambert
Chancellor Daniel
Dexter Mott
Dillon Jack
Evan Mcabee

CSU eSport Spring 2022 Team Photo

Fall 2021 CSU Esports Team - Overwatch Tournament Semifinalist

Team Coach: Dr. Sharon Renner
Andrew Brooks
Michael (Christian) Alvord
Nicholas Silva
Lucas Kordon
Liam Aycock
Noah Newsome
Austin Yoemans
Jarel Hearst
Marcus Tarver-Smith

CSU eSport Fall 2021 Team Photo

Spring 2021 CSU Esports Team - League Of Legends Quarterfinalist

Team Coach: Dr. Sharon Renner
Gerald "Bruce" Andrews III
Jessica Davis
Charles "Ramsey" Harbour
Jonathan Kreyling-Hoag
Kodie Phillips
Johnathan Leverette
Eric Vicente

CSU eSport Spring 2021 Team Photo

2020 Peach Belt Conference - Overwatch Tournament Champions, 12-0

Fall 2020 Team
Team Coach: Alex Plata
Liam Aycock
Andrew Brooks
Nasiah Dixon
Xavier Gamboa
Jarel Hearst
Malik Long
Michael Tinsley
Marcus Traver-Smith
Austin Yoemans

2020 eSports Team Overwatch Photo

2020 Attacker of the Year

Bruce Andrews

Attacker of the Year Announcement

Bruce Andrews Photo

Spring 2020 Team

Team Coach: Dr. Sharon Renner, Gerald "Bruce" Andrews III, Jessica Davis, Alphonzo Faustino, Charles "Ramsey" Harbour, Johnathan Leverette, Treveon Woolfork, Eric Vicente

2019 Peach Belt Conference - League of Legends Tournament, 2nd Place

Team Coach: Vunty Wan
Gerald Bruce Andrews III
Jessica Davis
Victor Dudley
Alphonzo Faustino
Rhiana Flowers
Johnathan Leverette
Brandon Mccullough
Kodie Phillips
Kelsey Tyree
Taylor Valmont

2019 eSports Team League of Legends Photo

Spring 2018 Team

Dante Christian-Carter, Kody Clarke, Daniel Collins, Jessica Davis, James Ellerbee, Alphonzo Faustino, David Kim, Zijie Lin, Tyrese Moses, Brandon Stewart, Taylor Valmont, Vunty Wan

Sponsored by

Mediacom Business

CSU holds a unique partnership with Mediacom Business, in which Mediacom Business delivers a 1 Gig fiber optic connection to the campus “Genius Room” where official eSports teams practice and compete. Mediacom Business also provides ongoing scholarships to attract team members to this rapidly growing sector of student life. The eSports program at CSU is overseen by CSU’s Office of Student Life & Development.

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