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About Columbus State University

Campus Inclusion Action Steps

After reviewing the i-survey results and meeting with various stakeholders, President Chris Markwood requested the following action steps at his welcome week address to employees on Aug. 7, 2017.

  1. Publish a letter every year from the president outlining CSU’s commitment to inclusion on campus and adherences to state and federal guidelines.
  2. Begin a thorough review of the university’s hiring and disciplinary practices to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines, as well as how employees can report any suspected behavior that does not meet these standards.
  3. Proceed with the hiring of a high-level staff member whose focus is on ensuring CSU’s values of inclusion and engagement are modeled on a daily basis, at all levels of the university.
  4. Expand the university’s professional development opportunities so employees have more access to training and education on how to successfully model inclusion and engagement.
  5. Continue the “courageous conversations” that were originally part of the survey process, and make them a routine part of every semester.