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Brand Pillars - Columbus State University

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About Columbus State University

Brand Pillars

Our brand is about providing students a place to build their creative muscles, to foster creativity to change lives, and to equip our graduates to drive the creativity economy in Columbus and beyond.

Columbus State's brand pillars focus attention on the benefits our students and partners gain through their interaction with the university. The concepts behind each brand pillar represent our top-of-mind strengths.

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Reimaging Education

We endeavor to experiment in pedagogy and instruct, inspire and share the most advanced and effective learning methods in academia.

Columbus State University is an ongoing experience in pedagogy. We are educators here, first and foremost, and discovering new ways to connect, inspire and share is at the core of who we are as an institution of higher learning. We prepare our students for career and life success through nationally distinctive programs and an innovative approach to teaching and learning.

Our faculty conduct groundbreaking research - often in collaboration with students - and they value learning above all else. At Columbus State, our students acquire more than the foundational skills their careers will require; they learn how to see and think in new ways, and to apply those skills to solving real-world problems.

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Cultivating Creativity

We strive to reach new levels of inspiration, discover unexpected connections and emphasize experimenting, exploring and questioning in the pursuit of knowledge.

The world needs creative problem-solvers. Our students must bring into their future careers new levels of focused inspiration, the ability to see unexpected connections, and the capacity to apply learned skills in new ways. At Columbus State University, they will go beyond a basic foundation of knowledge and skills so they can cultivate their creative muscles - no matter their area of study. Our students will do that through an education that emphasizes experimenting, exploring, questioning, imagining, and discovering. In our supportive environment, our students' creativity will flourish, preparing them to turn fresh and original ideas into reality - now and in their future careers.

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Inspiring Collaboration

Town and gown work together to create a seamless community - a "communiversity," one that forges historic and growing partnerships and fosters the emerging creative economy.

Columbus State University is a model for the notion of "communiversity." Here, the lines between town and gown are blurred, allowing and fostering inspiring collaborations between the university and the city of Columbus - as well as beyond to the region, state and world. From internships, practicums and clinicals through partnerships locally, to student exchange and study abroad programs with our partners around the globe, our students will have opportunities to improve their life, as well as the communities throughout the world where they will eventually live and lead.

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Expanding Worlds

We establish a diverse learning community, on a global scale, that will improve the standard of living for the world at large.

Columbus State University is focused on success. Our students go on to do amazing things - both through their careers and in their personal lives. Through an education infused with hands-on, real- world learning opportunities, our students develop the knowledge and skills - including the soft skills - that employers value and communities need. Immersed in a diverse learning community, we offer students fresh perspectives and expanded world views as we prepare them to make a real impact on the global marketplace.

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