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Student Services Center - Columbus State University

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Department of Marketing & Management

Student Services Center


The Student Services Center (SSC) is located in the administrative offices in the Synovus Center for Commerce and Technology (SCCT 233). The role of the SSC is to assist business students and support business faculty in the advising process. While it is the role of Student Services to offer advising to lower division business students and extra advising assistance to all other BBA students, the SSC is not a substitute for academic advising with the assigned faculty advisor. Students should always meet with their academic advisor at least once every semester.

Students may come to the SSC for assistance with:

  • changing their major
  • declaring a minor
  • registration issues
  • transfer-course evaluation
  • graduation checks
  • general questions - if we do not have the answer, we will find it!

Student Services Staff

Ms. Sonya Boadu
Director of Student Services & Graduate Programs Coordinator

Mrs. Laurie Aiken
Student Recruitment & Engagement Specialist

Hours of Operation

  • 8 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday

To schedule an appointment please call (706) 507-8158.

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