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College of Letters and Sciences

With the growing need for experts in these fields, the College of Letters and Sciences grows every year with new students, new faculty, and new programs.

About the College

The future belongs to creative thinkers - engaged citizens with a broad understanding and deep insight. By providing a rich education in the liberal arts, we're shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Welcome to the academic heart of Columbus State University. The College of Letters and Sciences provides most of CSU's general education core requirements, plus undergraduate programs in mathematics, the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Graduate-level programs include master's degrees in history, the natural sciences, public administration, and public safety administration.

Here, students learn in the classroom and well beyond it. Professional mentorships, lab work, study abroad opportunities, and a variety of internship programs create a learning environment that's holistic and hands-on. Across curricula, we encourage students to think critically, engage in informed and respectful debate, and consider the merits of different perspectives.

College faculty members are skilled educators and active professionals in our disciplines - conducting new research, publishing, and advancing scholarship at every level. We believe the best education should not only teach; it should spark a curiosity about the world that fuels a lifetime of independent learning.

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Letters & Sciences Today

Columbus State University's College of Letters and Sciences newsletter spotlights the achievements of students, faculty and alumni. 

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  Recent Graduate At Forefront of Mars Exploration

Cameron McCarty

Since fall 2015, Cameron has operated the engineering cameras and the microscopic cameras on the Mars rover Opportunity. As "Engineering Camera and Microscopic Imager Payload Uplink Lead," he works about 4-5 days every month, telling the cameras on the rover where and when to take pictures.


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