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Reportable Outside Activities - Columbus State University

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Legal Affairs, Ethics and Compliance Division

Reportable Outside Activities

In addition to USG‘s specific Conflicts of Interest Policy, CSU's Conflicts Policy (PDF) is the controlling document as mandated by the USG‘s policy. Central to this policy is the expectation that employees request pre-approval to engage in certain activities — such as outside consulting, teaching, speaking, or participating in an educational or business enterprise — using the Request for Approval to Engage in Outside Activities Request Form.

Annually, all CSU employees must complete the Request for Approval to Engage in Outside Activity form and the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.

To help guide employees in determining whether they are engaged in an outside activity that needs to be reported, please consult the USG Outside Activities FAQ page.

Maintaining an ethical campus includes other considerations, such as how we use university resources, transact business with the state, and amorous relationships with colleagues and students.

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