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Services - Columbus State University

Student Health Center


  • Students may call or visit the center to make an appointment with a physician or advanced practice provider.
  • If you present to Health Services without an appointment we will assist you with scheduling an appointment as soon as available as well as assist with referrals for specialty or hospital care as needed.
  • Vaccines are available for Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (Tdap). The flu shot is available at certain times that will be announced. We also can test for tuberculosis. All are available on request at reduced cost. Immunizations are required before admission to the university.
    Student Health Center does not administer allergy injections. Please discuss with your allergist prior to arriving on campus.
  • Health education on a variety of issues.
  • Some prescription medications are available at the center and may be prescribed by our providers. Prescriptions are available at a reduced cost. The physicians will write prescription(s) for medications not available in the center. Health Services does not fill prescriptions written off campus.
  • Single-dose over-the-counter medications are available for free. Larger volumes of over-the-counter medications are sold for a nominal price. Vitamins are also available at a reduced cost to students. 
  • NO narcotics or Stimulants (ADHD) medications are in the center.

Please call for more information: (706) 507-8620

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