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Professional Development Series for Graduate Students - Columbus State University

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Graduate School

Professional Development Series for Graduate Students

"Making Google Work for You"

Presented by IT Support Services

October 4th, 2022

Learning how to maximize your experience and utilize the main applications in Google Suite.

View Making Google Work for You Recording

Columbus State University - University Information and Technology Services

“Anxiety and Depression in Graduate Students and Activities to Relieve Symptoms”

Presented by Dr. Rebecca Toland, Assistant Professor of Health Science

February 8th, 2022

Dr. Toland discussed the importance of taking care of your mental health while her experiential presentation provided helpful tips and techniques to reduce stress. She also discussed the common barriers that prevent us from tending to our mental health and ways to overcome them. The presentation provided a space for reflection and activities to improve mental health.

photo of Dr. Rebecca Toland

"Wellness for Graduate Students"

Presented by Erick Richman, Coordinator of Physical Activity and Wellness, Department of Kinesiology & Health Sciences

October 19th, 2021

During this workshop, Mr. Richman provided a presentation about wellness. He encouraged students to find fun in their exercise, joy in their present abilities, and success in their personal goals while understanding human physiology, psychology, and biomechanics. Click on the title below for Mr. Richman‘s resource guide to wellness.

Wellness for Graduate Students Resource Guide (PDF)

photo of Erick Richman

"Advocacy and Allyship: Pushing Past Implicit Biases"

Presented by Johnnae Roberts, Student Development Coordinator, Diversity Programs & Services

April 13th, 2021

This workshop explores and breaks down the definition of implicit biases. This break down allows us to become more aware of our own biases and allow exploration into taking steps to become advocates and allies for marginalized identities.

Advocacy and Allyship: Pushing Past Implicit Biases Workshop Recording

photo of Johnnae Roberts

Past Presenters

"Get Your Thesis Back on Track in 2021"

Presented by Dr. Emily Perry, CSU Alumna and Business Development Specialist for Quillbot

March 12th, 2021

Whether you are just starting your research and writing journey or are feeling stalled in your work, Dr. Perry discusses the basics of academic writing, goal setting, getting unstuck, and overcoming common problems like procrastination and writer‘s block. The overall goal of this seminar was to "empower and add momentum for getting your thesis back on track".

View Get Your Thesis Back on Track in 2021 Workshop Recording

photo of Emily Perry

"Understanding My Identity"

Presented by Johniqua Williams, LSAMP Coordinator

October 29th, 2020

The goal of this session is to encourage students to consider their identities critically and how identities are more or less keenly felt in different social contexts.

View Understanding My Identity Workshop Workshop Recording

Photo of Johniqua Williams

"I'm Stressed. Now What?"

Presented by Kristopher Fitch

September 22nd, 2020

Join Kris to find out about good stress and bad stress and then, practice with him several stress relieving exercises.

View I'm Stressed. Now what? Workshop Recording

Photo of Kristopher Fitch

"Defenders of Virtual Learning"

Presented by Dr. Kim Stokes
Instructional Design and Training Specialist

July 23rd, 2020

Successful online learning is the result of the power within each student who is dedicated to learning. In this workshop, Dr. Stokes talks about what it means to be an online student and discusses ways to work your course and use technology.

View Defenders of Virtual Learning Workshop Recording

Dr. Kim Stokes

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