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Graduate Faculty Membership - Columbus State University

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Graduate Faculty Membership

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Graduate Faculty Membership is awarded to CSU faculty who are recommended by their Department Chairs and Deans and approved by the Graduate Council. Faculty may be granted full, associate, or provisional status based on qualifications that are consistent with SACSCOC guidelines and are identified in the document Qualifications for Graduate Faculty Membership. Only faculty who have been approved for Graduate Faculty Membership are eligible to teach graduate level (5000G and above) courses.

The following documents are meant to provide guidance to faculty seeking Graduate Faculty Membership and to guide Chairs, Deans, and members of the Graduate Council as applications are completed each year.

Apply for Graduate Faculty StatusPhoto of Kevin Burgess

Department Chairs need to complete the Graduate Faculty Status Form for faculty needing graduate faculty status. Applicants should receive an email inviting them to begin the application process on the first Friday of the month. The applications will move to the Chair, Dean, Graduate Council, SACSCOC Liaison, and the Graduate School Dean for review and approval. Candidates will be notified of the final decision by the third Friday of the following month.

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