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Department of Chemistry

About the Department

Chemistry is the Central Science. The Department of Chemistry supports a dynamic community of students and scholars committed to enriching each other and our community. We offer many opportunities for students to gain valuable experience through one-on-one training, research, internships, and many others. Discover how our six undergraduate degree tracks and a Master of Natural Science track in chemistry can help you achieve your goals.


Create Your Future

The Department of Chemistry offers a number of degrees and minors. Explore your options here.

Department Degree Programs
Program Type Programs Available
Bachelor's Chemistry - ACS Cerified Track (B.S.), Chemistry - Biochemistry (B.S.), Chemistry - Forensic Track (B.S.), Chemistry Education - Secondary Education (B.S.)
Minors Chemistry

Explore All Degrees

The Department of Chemistry at Columbus State University is committed to the growth and expansion of the department, and will continue to evolve in directions which best serve the needs of our students and the regional community.

Learn From the Best

The Department of Chemistry's faculty and staff work one-on-one with students to ensure they achieve their greatest potential.


Dr. Floyd Jackson
Professor / Department Chair


Jaimie Gonzalez
Senior Lecturer & Stockroom Manager


Dr. Wade Holley
Associate Professor


Dr. Jonathan Meyers
Associate Professor


Dr. Kerri Taylor
Associate Professor

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Columbus State University offers students a number of scholarships each year. Learn more about available scholarships.


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