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Roy Dimon Postcard Collection (SMC 94) - Columbus State University

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Roy Dimon Postcard Collection (SMC 94)

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This small collection of postcards includes 6 of Ft. Benning, 13 of Columbus, 7 of other Georgia sites, and 6 picture/postcards of Camp Lake Junavista, near Pine Mountain, in 1930. The donor's mother is in one of the photos. This collection was originally MC 086 at the Columbus Public Library. It is now housed in the small collections box in one folder. 1950-1970s 1 folder (.1 l.f.)

Permission to publish

Permission to publish material from the Roy Dimon Postcard Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Roy Dimon Postcard collection, SMC 94Columbus State University ArchivesColumbus State UniversityColumbus, Georgia


This small collection came to the CSU Archives in October 2013 when the Columbus Public Library donated its archives collection to the CSU Archives. The collection was donated to the Public Library by Roy Dimon on March 27, 2008 and originally numbered MC 086.

Note to Researchers:

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Postcard List

1-6 - Camp Lake Junavista, near Pine Mountain, Georgia

7 - Eagle and Phenix Mills, c. 1960

8 - 14th Street Bridge, Columbus, Georgia

9 - St. Elmo

10 - Ralston Hotel

11 - Columbus High School

12 - Post Office

13-15 - Muscogee County Court House, built 1895

16-17 - St. Luke United Methodist Church

18 - First Presbyterian Church

19 - The Little Train from Ft. Benning

20 - Riverside, the Commandant's Quarters, Ft. Benning

21 - The Cuartel, Ft. Benning

22 - The Infantry School, Ft. Benning

23 - Academic building of the Infantry School, Ft. Benning

24 - Main Theatre, Ft. Benning

24 - Martin Army Hospital, Ft. Benning

26 - Providence Canyon

27 - Slave Market, Louisville, Georgia

28 - Georgian Hotel, Athens, Georgia

29 - Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta

30 - Franklin N.C., Macon county courthouse and confederate monument

31-32 - View of Mountains, log cabin and water wheel

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