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Dirk Ringgenberg Collection (SMC 61) - Columbus State University

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Archives and Special Collections

Dirk Ringgenberg Collection (SMC 61)

Biographical Note

Dirk Ringgenberg received his B.A. in history from CSU on December 18, 2000. He served as a captain in the U.S. Army in Iraq in 2003.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of a photo of Captain Ringgenberg with some captured munitions presumably in Iraq, some Iraqi currency, auto decals for the 2nd Battalion of the 503rd Infantry, 3 Iraqi medals, and a large photograph of Saddam Hussein. 2000s 1 folder (.l l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Dirk Ringgenberg Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required: Dirk Ringgenberg Collection (SMC 61) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


These materials were collected in the Iraq conflict by Captain Ringgenberg and sent to John Lupold for inclusion in the CSU Archives.

Folder List

Folder 1 - Items collected during the Iraq Conflict in 2003

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