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Circus Train Wreck Photographs (SMC 124) - Columbus State University

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Circus Train Wreck Photographs (SMC 124)

Historical Note

The train wreck occurred on November 22, 1915 when the circus/carnival train owned by Con T. Kennedy was hit head on by the engine of a Central of Georgia passenger train six and ½ miles east of Columbus, Georgia. The two trains collided; the fire engulfed the circus train, resulting in many injuries and deaths. The photographs were taken by John B. McCollum, a photographer in Columbus, Georgia who had a studio on Broadway, across from the Bradley Theater. These two photos are numbers 1 and 5 of a series taken by McCollum.

A funeral cortege was held from the First Baptist Church to Riverdale Cemetery where the dead were interred. A circus tent memorial headstone was later erected commemorating the event.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of 2 photographs that have been identified as part of a series taken by John B. McCollum on November 22, 1915 in Columbus, Georgia.


The 2 photographs were given to the CSU Archives by Claire B. Schaeffer of Palm Springs, California on July 14, 2015. She found them in her mother's collection of genealogy.

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Circus Train Wreck Photographs (SMC 124) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia

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