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Twiggs, Wallace Cotton Manufacturing Collection, MC 374 - Columbus State University

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Twiggs, Wallace Cotton Manufacturing Collection, MC 374

Biographical Note

This material comes from the personal collection of Wallace Twiggs, who is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology in textiles and held various positions in management in the textile industry. His books on the history of textiles, weaving and carding date from the early 1900s. From 1988 until he retired, he was the Director of Product Administration & Central Sample Area for Swift Mills in Columbus, Georgia.

Scope and Content

This collection consists of 8 boxes of materials relating to the cotton industry, weaving, carding, looms and calculations. There are also many artifacts used in the cotton industry as well as samples of products made of Swift denim. Numerous books relating to the industry are included.1910s-1980s 8 boxes (8 l.f.)

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Wallace Twiggs Cotton Manufacturing Collection (MC 374) must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required:

Wallace Twiggs Cotton Manufacturing Collection (MC 374) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


These materials were given to the CSU Archives in September 2015 by Wallace Twiggs.

Note to Researchers

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Box and Folder List

Box 1

Folder 1: The ABC of Long Draft Spinning, 1931Folder 2: Beam Warping, 1964Folder 3: Carding Practices: Cotton and Synthetics, 1965Folder 4: Cloth Calculations, 1965Folder 5: Cloth Rooms, 1966Folder 6: Cotton Combing, 1953Folder 7: Cotton Mill Handbook; for Superintendents and Overseers in Cotton Yarn and Cloth Mills, 1922Folder 8: Cotton Mill Machinery Calculations, v. 1 and 2, 1913Folder 9: Cotton Mill Machinery Calculations, v. 2, 1913Folder 10: Cotton Mill Mathematics, 1938Folder 11: Cotton Slashing, 1941 parts 1 and 2Folder 12: Dobbies and Other Head Motions, 1966Folder 13: Draper Looms, parts 1, 2, 3, 1964Folder 14: Drawing Frames, parts 1 and 2, 1958Folder 15: Employee Relations, 1969Folder 16: Employment Practices, 1960Folder 17: Introduction to Textiles, 1955Folder 18: Loom Principles, 1958Folder 19: Contents of Denim binder on Indigo Dyeing

Box 2

Folder 1: Man-Made Fibers, 1956Folder 2: Mechanical Calculations, 1964Folder 3: Narrow Fabric Weaving, 1951Folder 4: One-Process Picking, 1957Folder 5: Opening and Cleaning, 1957Folder 6: Organized Training, parts 1 and 2, 1959Folder 7: Ring Frames, parts 1, 2, 3, 1949Folder 8: Roving Processes, 1957Folder 9: The Spinners' Handy Data BookFolder 10: Standard Method for Conversion of Yarn Number Measured in Various Numbering Systems, 1968Folder 11: The Story of Cotton (6 pamphlets)1. The Classification of Cotton, 19562. Cotton and Cotton Futures, 19523. The Story of Cotton, Its Journey into Textiles, Bibb Manufacturing (2 copies)4. The Story of Cotton, National Cotton Council of America5. The Story of Cotton, Bibb the First Name in TextilesFolder 12: Swift Unveils Denim Using Recycled Polyester and Recycled Soda Bottles, 1994Folder 13: Twisters, 1965Folder 14: Wallace Twiggs (Newspaper clippings)Folder 15: Weave Room Management, 1963 (2 copies)Folder 16: Weaving: Control of Fabric Structure, 1975Folder 17: Winding and Spooling, parts 1 and 2, 1961Folder 18: Wool, 1952Folder 19: Work Measurement, 1960Folder 20: Work Sampling, 1964Folder 21: Yankee Denim Dandies (proofs) 1974Folder 22: Yarn Calculations, 1959 ( 2 copies)

Box 3 - Artifacts

Item 1: Circular slide rule and the Periodic Table of the Elements in a plastic white sleeveItem 2: 3 metal scales or rulers in brown leather sheathItem 3: Humidity Slide rule, metal, made by Parks-Cramer CompanyItem 4: 2 metal micrometers, Dixie BearingsItem 5: Metal carding machine gauge made by Joseph Sykes Bros, Card Makers, England that went between the cylinders of a carding machineItem 6: Yarn Counts on a sliding scaleItem 7: U.S. Metric Measurement ConverterItem 8: Reference guide for moisture, pressure, capacities, strengthItem 9: Lunometers-7-threads or courses per inch/centimeterItem 10: Pick glass-black metal (3) used to inspect warp and weft of weaveItem 11: Reed hook (2), a tool for pulling broken yarnItem 12: Silver metal L shaped objects (4) numbered 7, 9,10, 11Item 13: Shears for trimming loose threadsItem 14: Hardness tester to determine hardness or density of fibersItem 15: Leather measuring tapeItem 16: Small stiff brush made by the Atlanta Brush Co.

Box 4 - Artifacts

Item 1: Pressley Fiber-Strength Tester, Doebrich & Co.Item 2: T-shirt for Soda Pop denim - "First you drink it, then you wear it"Item 3: Denim ditty bag with Swift Textiles emblemItem 4: Denim duffle bag or tote bag with Swift Textiles emblemItem 5: Denim zippered cases (2) with Swift Textiles emblemItem 6: Folder cover: Denim Jamboree 1983Item 7: Denim 3 ring binder embossed with Swift TextilesThe contents of binder are box 1, folder 19

Box 5 - Books

Callaway Textile Dictionary, 1st ed., 1947Fiber Microscopy, Heyn, 1954Clark's Weave Room Calculations, 2nd ed., 1926Mechanical Calculations, Staff, 1952Whitin Cotton Yarn Machinery,1923

Box 6 - Books

Cotton Mill Mathematics (2 copies), Quigley and Smith, 1930Understanding Fabrics: From Fiber to Finished Cloth, Gioello, 1982Harris' Handbook of Textile Fibers, 1954Beyond Basic Textiles, Cohen, 1982Fabric Science, 5th ed., Pizzuto, 1987

Box 7 - Books

1 - Card Grinding in Theory and Practice, 7th ed2 - Sewing Performance & Methods Analysis, Stohlman, 19693 - Fabric Defects, Goldberg, 19504 - Handbook of Textile Testing and Quality Control, Grover, Hamby, 19605 - Dobbies and Box Motions, Wenrich, 19516 - Loom Principles, Reed, 19507 - Industrial Training for Manual Operators, Seymour, 19548 - Man-Made Fibres formerly Artificial Fibers, Moncrieff, 19579 - 101 Weaves in 101 Fabrics, Pizzuto, 196110 - Yankee Denim Dandies, Fehr, 1974

Box 8 - Books

1 - Man-Made Fiber and Textile Dictionary, Celanese Corp, 19812 - Textile Mathematics, (2 copies) Quigley, Cox and Duke, Georgia Tech, 19743 - The Modern Textile Dictionary The, Linton, 19544 - The Basic Motions of MTM, Antis, Honeycutt, Koch, 1971 and 19635 - Textiles, 2nd ed., Hollen, Saddler, 19646 - Swirles Handbook of Basic Fabrics, 1962

Textile Tests for Cotton Manufacturing, 1907Note and Outline Supplementary to Textbooks used in the Textile School, 1937 These two texts are temporarily unavailable.

Oversized Artifact: Wooden Shuttle used in weaving for passing the thread of the weft between the threads of the warp This oversized artifact is housed in the Special Collections Room

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