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Curt H. Drady Collection (MC 287) - Columbus State University

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Curt H. Drady Collection (MC 287)

Biographical Sketch

Curt H. Drady was an entrepreneur in the entertainment field in Columbus, Georgia, primarily in film distribution and film making. He was born August 30, 1923. By the 1930s he was showing films to neighborhood children . Later he owned various film rental business, movie theaters, drive-in theaters, and specialty film businesses, such as filmed band performances for use at proms and other events where a live band would have been too expensive to use. In later years, to accommodate the changing nature of the movie business, he moved into producing made-for-TV movies, many made in and around Columbus, Georgia. He was perhaps best known for Kiss of the Tarantula, filmed in Columbus with mostly local talent. He died January 21, 1997 and is buried in Parkhill Cemetery in Columbus, Georgia.

Scope and Content

This collection includes proposals, treatments, screenplays and scripts relating to 13 movies. How many of these projects resulted in completed films is unknown. Other documents of interest include movie advertisements, Drady's business files, legal documents and research on the film industry.

1970's-2000's 2 boxes, 1 movie (2 l.f.), 3 movie posters

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Curt H. Drady Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required: Curt H. Drady Collection (MC 287) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia

Note to Researchers

In addition to the Drady material here, the Columbus Museum has other materials including movie posters, mostly relating to Kiss of the Tarantula.

Box and Folder List

Box 1

  • Folder 1 - Autobiographical information, n.d.
  • Folder 2 - After the Sun Goes Down - Re-write Correspondence and Story ideas. Story and Screen play by Ed Howell, 1978
  • Folder 3 - After the Sun Goes Down - Breakdown Work Copy, Shooting Script, 1978
  • Folder 4 - After the Sun Goes Down - Shooting Script, Rev. 11/8/78
  • Folder 5 - After the Sun Goes Down - Final Shooting Script, copy 1 1978 [?]
  • Folder 6 - After the Sun Goes Down - Final Shooting Script, copy 2, 1978 [?]
  • Folder 7 - Anyone at Home - Screenplay by Jerry Whittington and Ian Mailtand, Attic Pictures, Inc., 1991
  • Folder 8 - Anyone at Home - shooting Script (copy #19), 1993
  • Folder 9 - Come Slowly Eden - Proposed Movie of the Week by Charlene Keel, n.d.
  • Folder 10 - The Edge of the Devil - A Cinema-Vu Production - A Visupak Production - Story and screenplay by Ed Howell, n.d.
  • Folder 11 - The Edge of the Devil - First Draft of Shooting Script with the earlier title of The Unholy Twelve, n.d.
  • Folder 12 - The Edge of the Devil - Shooting Script, n.d.
  • Folder 13 - Fools Like Us - Screenplay by David Tyrone, 1975
  • Folder 14 - Green is for Money - Shooting Script—Screenplay by Lawrence H. Buehler, 1973
  • Folder 15 - Jackson's Justice - Screenplay by David Tyrone and Benjamin Smith, n.d.
  • Folder 16 - Keeper of the Stones - Treatment for an Original Screenplay by Thom McIntyre, n.d.
  • Folder 17 - Limbo-UFO - Shooting Script by King Diamond (Pen name of Willard E. Kirkham), n.d.
  • Folder 18 - The Nature of the Beast by David Tyrone, 1976
  • Folder 19 - Not as a Man - Screenplay by King [?] Diamond (Pen name), 1972
  • Folder 20 - The Other Rebeka - Screenplay by Charlene Keel and Peter Smileovitch, 1983
  • Folder 21 - Rhapsody by Charlene Keel and Phillip B. Roberts, n.d.
  • Folder 22 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Advertisements for the film, 1975
  • Folder 23 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Articles on the filming, 1975-2002
  • Folder 24 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Dialogue of Continuity. Original + 1 copy, n.d.
  • Folder 25 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Lobby cards and Poster markups, n.d.
  • Folder 26 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Production: release schedule, casting articles, letters between producers and checks to Daniel Cady, 1974-1975
  • Folder 27 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Production Advertisements: slides 1-10 and 11-20. Printed flyer and movie adds for newspapers. Cinema Vu, 1974-1976
  • Folder 28 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Purchase agreements,1976.
  • Folder 29 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Post production I : budget ledger, copy written by Drady of Balance of Budget outstanding and checks paid. Letters between Daniel B. Cady and Curt Drady. Inventory of film dated 1980.
  • Folder 30 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Production: legal issues including lawsuits and settlements 1975-1978
  • Folder 31 - Kiss of the Tarantula - Post Production II: International distribution of Kiss of the Trantula and other films that Curt Drady owned the copyright liscences for, 1985-1987

Box 2

  • Folder 1 - Articles on the Film Industry: letters notating the decline in quality cinema. There is a article written by Curt Drady on Cinmea-Vu letter head regaurding changes of quality of cinema in Hollywood, 1975-1992
  • Folder 2 - Drive In: Contracts, payment receipts, blue prints, articles and movie screen material swatches all relating to drive-in movie theaters, 1946-1995
  • Folder 3 - Film making/Film Administration: Articles and contracts on film making and film administration, 1968?
  • Folder 4 - Photographs: black and white, of Snak-vu concessions and the JIVE drive-n theater lot, n.d.
  • Folder 5 - Snak-Vu Drive-In: Advertising and attempts at expanding Snak-vu these include newspapers articles, 1 balck and white photograph and newspaper plates, 1964-1965.
  • Folder 6 - Seban Inc., ad campaigns for Zenith color televisions marketed by Curt Drady, contract showing Drady buying out other investors of Seban and artlcie clippings, 1959 - 1977.
  • Item 1 - Kiss of the Tarantula, DVD

Oversized Items - Map Case 5, Drawer 14

  • Curt H. Drady Collection Kiss of the Tarantula 3 movie posters
  • Two-reel movie Zorro shelved in media section, no date found
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