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Shaw High School Young Historians WWII Oral History Collection (MC 245) - Columbus State University

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Shaw High School Young Historians WWII Oral History Collection (MC 245)

Organizational Note

A project which culminated in 27 interviews concerning Columbus's involvement in the World War II era, was completed by the Shaw High School Young Historians during the 2005-2006 school year. Students conducted detailed research into all aspects of life and industry in Columbus surrounding this time period. Interview candidates were chosen to span races, ages, and social class. Topics discussed ranged from marriage, segregation, Phenix City, rationing, construction, etc. The students worked in coordination with the Historic Columbus Foundation which provided the grant that made the project possible. The students also designed this project to coincide with an exhibit at the Columbus Museum. Once the interviews were completed the students wrote detailed summaries of the interviews which were compiled in to a booklet. The Columbus Museum exhibit featured a film which included excerpts from the students' interviews. Series Description The Shaw High School Young Historians' WWII Oral History Collection is arranged in 3 series: Series I. Final Products, This series consists of the booklet produced by the students, the Columbus Museum DVD, a taped round-table discussion organized by Mike Bunn, assistant curator of the Columbus Museum, and an article from the Ledger Enquirer. Series II. Oral Histories, Arranged alphabetically, the series contains the 27 interviews conducted by the Young Historians. Series III. Research Tools, Arranged alphabetically by topic, this series includes documents the Young Historians collected as a foundation prior to the interviews.

Scope and Content

The collection consists of two boxes equaling 2 linear feet of material, including the final booklet, 27 interviews and the research tools used and produced by Shaw High School Young Historians.

Permission to Publish

Permission to publish material from the Shaw High School Young Historians WWII Oral History Collection must be obtained from the Columbus State University Archives at Columbus State University. Use of the following credit line for publication or exhibit is required: Shaw High School Young Historians WWII Oral History Collection (MC 245) Columbus State University Archives Columbus, Georgia


Donated by Phil Linn, retired teacher and facilitator of Shaw High School Young Historians.

Box and Folder/Item List

Box 1

Series I

  • Folder 1 - "Columbus and the Home Front: Memories of Columbus, Georgia, during WW II"
  • Folder 2 - Columbus Museum DVD (rough version)
  • Folder 3 - Roundtable Discussion Notes, Tape
  • Folder 4 - Columbus Ledger Enquirer newspaper clipping, "Students Compile WW II Exhibit"

Series 2

  • Folder 1 - Adams, Ed- tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 2 -- Bentley, Thomas-tape, release form, summary, notes, "Phenix City Cleanup Fighter Dies at Age 74", "Beatings, Bombings Only Served to make Hugh Bentley Stronger", "Hugh Bentley", Bentley Advertisements
  • Folder 3 - Buck, William-tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 4 - Cohn, Janet- tape, release form, summary, Mrs. Cohn's written memories
  • Folder 5 - Griner, Louise-mini-cassette, release form, summary, notes, "Can-do Attitude"
  • Folder 6 - Harron, Jean-tape, release form, summary, notes, business card
  • Folder 7 - Hewitt, John- release form, summary, correspondence, Mr. Hewitt's written memories
  • Folder 8 - Kent, Jean-tape, release from, summary, notes
  • Folder 9 - King, Rebecca Hardaway- tape, release from, summary, notes, article by Mrs. King, "Silver Star to LT. Buford King", pictures, Mrs. King's written memories
  • Folder 10 - Kinnett, John R. Jr-tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 11 - Kyle, Clason-tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 12 - Lindsey, Eddie- tape, release from, summary, notes
  • Folder 13 - Lunsford, Walter T.-release form, summary, notes, "Mr. Lunsford to Wed Doctor Clarence Allen," "Walter T. Lunsford, Sr.," "Columbus Business Woman dies at 80," "Columbus' Quiet Humanitarian," map, "Negro Army and Navy 'Y' Dedicated here Sunday," "100 People to Remember: Lizzie Mae Lunsford"
  • Folder 14 - Mason, Lester Jr.- tape, release form, summary, notes Folder 15: McCullough, Joyce- tape, release from, summary, notes Folder 16: McDougal, Elinor- tape, release form, sununary, notes, "A
  • Prayer for Peace"
  • Folder 17 - McMichael, Dick- tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 18 - Pate, Janice-mini-cassette, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 19 - Pitts, Gladys-release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 20 - Robinson, Thelma-mini-cassette, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 21 - Rosenstrauch, Laurette- tape, release form ,summary, notes, "The Longest Year," Ration book instructions, Ration book cover, telegram from David Rothschild, telegram from Laura Strahron, telegram from Paul ?
  • Folder 22 - Schlitzkus, Alice-mini-cassette, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 23 - Stanback, Oscar- tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 24 - Trotter, Daniel & Jo- tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 25 - Tyler, Betty Golden- tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 26 - White, Eleanor- tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 27 - Winn, Billy- tape, release form, summary, notes
  • Folder 28 - Extra Interview Forms
  • Folder 29 - Extra Release Forms
  • Folder 30 - Signs for Interview Days

Box 2

Series 3

  • Folder 1 - Advertisements- "Have You a Man in This War?," 1940 classifieds, "Movie Clock," ''New Wartime Marketing Guide," "This is 1944! What will you do to Make it the Victory Year?", 1944 classifieds, "On the Home Front," notes
  • Folder 2 - African Americans- "Negro Selective Group to Leave," "Bond Festival Due on Sunday," ''Negro Festival to Push Bonds"
  • Folder 3 - Airfield- "Survey of Air Field Probable," Ch. 36 "The New Era of Transportation" from A History of Columbus, GA
  • Folder 4 - Bond Drives- "Muscogee Girds for Mighty $4,400,000 War Bond Effort," "May Bonds, Stamps Sales At $271,532", "Muscogee Leads Georgia in Quota Sales of E Bonds," "WRBL Bond Sales Total $1,674,320", "Muscogee Bond Drive Success," "Pint-Sized 'Johnny' Brings 'Call' to Post, Columbus"
  • Folder 5 -- Cartoons
  • Folder 6 - City Directory Notes
  • Folder 7 - Club Contribution- "Oglethorpe Chapter Buys Bond Makes Blood Plasma Donation," " '[Cigarettes] for Servicemen' Chosen as Civilian Project"
  • Folder 8 - Columbus, New Growth- "City Commission Adopts Budget of $1,305,271," "City's 922 Parking Meters Yield $63,306 in 1942," ''New Homes in Benning Hills Section," "1,259 Families Housed Here in 1942, Says OWl," map of Columbus growth, "New $140,000 Muscogee County Jail is Now Rapidly Nearing Completion"
  • Folder 9 - Columbus, Politics- "$15,000 Annual Fund is Asked to Expand Activities, Personnel," "Federal Vice Control in Army, Navy Areas Demanded by Tarver"
  • Folder 10 - Columbus, Society- "Miss Dempsey Van Fleet will Marry Lieut. McChristian"
  • Folder 11 -- Economic Growth- "1942 Figures Show Economic Growth was Enjoyed Here," "Share Increased in Population of Columbus is Analyzed by the Chamber of Commerce," "Busy City...Postwar Activity, Columbus, Georgia," "Marked Progress," "First Federal has Fine Year; Has Never Foreclosed Mortgage," "This Columbus Plant Busy on Rayon Tire Cord," "The Census"
  • Folder 12 - Ft. Benning- "Land Owners Sign Leases," "Employments for Soldiers' Wives Suggested Here," "Army Hunting More Nurses," "Army Seeks Lease Right to Continue Maneuvers," "Benning Building total $2,500,000 in 3 Months"
  • Folder 13 - Farmers- "Valley Farmers Helping Rural Families Unite in Fight Against Enemy," "Food for Freedom," "Soil Conservation"
  • Folder 14 - Industry Notes- "Goldens' in a New Role: Engine Builders," "Sixty-One Years of Growth and Service," "Three-ton Lathe Beds for Turning Shells Being Manufactures at Goldens' Plant, Columbus," "Tom: The Story of a Startling Success," "Eagle and Phenix Mills add New Improvements," Ch. 8 "World War II" from The Lummus Story, "Economist Gives Meat Substitutes to Swift Club," "Secret B-29 Armor is Made by Columbus Hosiery Mill," "Mills Here Now Employ Over 14,000' Weekly Payroll $260,700, Club Told," Manufacturing Company News, "Added Facilities Help Local Van Company Give Better Service," Williams Buys Bradley Site"
  • Folder 15 - Map of Columbus
  • Folder 16 - Mill Photos from Industrial Index
  • Folder 17 - Property Values: "Report Shows Property Here Valued Higher," "Columbus Taxable Values Revealed at Record High" Folder 18: Public Workers- "Public Workers Granted Pay Hike"
  • Folder 19 - "Rationed Farm Tools Available," "Clothes Ration is Not Planned," "Deadlines Near for Autoists!," "Rationing Calendar," "2,580 Gas Books Are Stolen Here," "Rationing Calendar," "Price Control Order is Now in Effect," Soper Explains About Gas Rationing in City," "Gasoline Rationing Still in Effect Here," "Carry 'v-Book' to Registration, Citizens Urged"
  • Folder 20 - Red Cross- "2 Red Cross Posts Given Local Women," "Red Cross Work Shop Buzzes"
  • Folder 21 - Research Papers, CSU- Columbus and the End of World War II, Columbus Women and WWII
  • Folder 22 - Restaurants- Cherokee Grill Newest Eating Establishment," "Go to Quickway Cafe to Enjoy Delicious Food," business listing
  • Folder 23 - SSchools- "16 Vocational Trainees to Sail Soon for Hawaii," "Vocational Training Women, Too, in War Work," "School Plans are Improved," "Child Army to Conduct Scrap Effort," "High School Girls Vote for Suits," "Victory Treasure Hunt," "School Bond Sales Large"
  • Folder 24 - Scouting- "Columbus Girl Scouts Plan a Major Summer Program"
  • Folder 25 - USO Clubs- "New USO Club Here Dedicated to Troops," "Fine USO Building Now Ready for Soldiers," “Concert is Given at Ninth Street USO Last Night"
  • Folder 26 - Volunteers/Community- "Volunteers Needed for Civilian Defense"
  • Folder 27 - Voting- Ernest F. Howell ad, "Oath of Voter" Folder 28: WAVES- "Columbus Near Top in WAVES"
  • Folder 29 - Worker Contribution- "Outdoor Signs Remind Mill Workers of Part in Defense,"" 'Essential' Workers to be Drafted Also," "Essential Job Men are Leaving Town," "Shortage Here", "Local Absenteeism in Mills is Critical," "Workers No Longer Can Freely Quit Positions," "Textile Workers Supporting USO"

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