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Adult Learner Requirements - Columbus State University

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Adult Learners

Adult Learner Requirements

Over the age of 24?
Been out of high school for five (5) years or more?
Do you have little to NO college credit?

If you answered yes, then you are in the unique category of a Non-Traditional Student -
and we welcome you at Columbus State University!

Our Staff are Here to Help

At Columbus State University, we have designated staff who are dedicated to helping our non-traditional, adult learners through the enrollment process.

No Test Scores? No problem!

Standardized test scores like the SAT or ACT are not required for non-traditional students. Since Fall 2019, non-Traditional students are exempt from taking the Accuplacer exam for admission. But what does this mean to you as the student? This means, when you register for classes you will be placed in basic studies for Maths and English, and once passed you will be eligible to register for the 1000 level Math and English classes. 

Even though we do not require testing for admission, if you'd like to take the ACCUPLACER to test out of those basic math and English classes, then you can register for them and it will be added to your file for your academic advisor to see.

Once your application is complete (which means you have applied and submitted your required transcripts), you will be notified of your admissions decision through your MyCSU portal, and you register for orientation, and then you are ready to register for classes!

In today's competitive marketplace, education has become a key element to career success. As an adult learner here at Columbus State, you will not only achieve academic success, you will attain new skills that will translate to the workforce. We understand this adventure is new and exciting! Our Academic Success team is here to help you make the most out of this opportunity. We'll provide you with guidance and advice as you move through the process to ensure you meet your goals.

Your Online Portal is MyCSU

This online portal will be able to provide you everything you will need from the beginning of your enrollment journey to your graduation. You can check your admissions decision, the status of financial aid, register for classes and much, much more. View our instructional video library.

Discover YOUR Goal........An adult learner (or Non-Traditional student) has a variety of resources that are available to you. Located within our CSU Advise office, our Adult Learner team is able to provide you guidance and resources that can make your transition to university a smooth one.

For our admissions team to evaluate your application, you must have a complete file. You can check your file through your MyCSU account.

Requirements - What we need to move forward

An application must be submitted along with a non-refundable $40 application fee.

Apply Now

Academic Record

Each applicant must supply their official high school transcripts or GED. If you have attended college in the past, you must provide an official transcript from all schools attended. These can submitted electronically to or mail directly to Columbus State University.

Accuplacer Exam - Not required for admission

If you are 23 or older, you will receive information regarding the ACCUPLACER after acceptance. All non-traditional freshman have the opportunity to take the ACCUPLACER after admission to CSU for placement purposes. If an applicant decides to opt out of taking the ACCUPLACER, they will be placed in the appropriate supplemental English and/or Math labs to help ensure your success during registration.

  • The ACCUPLACER exam is a placement exam that measures skills in English, reading, and math.
  • Non-traditional students may submit SAT/ACT test scores in place of the ACCUPLACER exam if the scores are not older than 7 years.
  • Non-traditional students with the following transferable courses from an accredited institution may be exempt taking the ACCUPLACER in the appropriate area:
    • English 1101 or 1102 with a grade of C or better will exempt ACCUPLACER in Reading and Writing.
    • Any 1000 level Area A math with a grade of C or better will exempt ACCUPLACER in Math.

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