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Delta Alpha Pi - Columbus State University

Center for Accommodation and Access

Delta Alpha Pi

Delta Alpha Pi Letter

Columbus State University is proud to announce that we will be opening our very own chapter of Delta Alpha Pi (DAPi), an academic honors society that recognizes high achieving undergraduate and graduate students with disabilities.  

What does DAPi stand for?

  • "D" stands for Disabilities but also the Greek symbol Delta, which means strength.
  • "A" stands for Achievement and Advocacy.  
  • "Pi" stands for Pride and education.

DAPi students have all overcome stigmas and work hard to achieve academic as well as personal excellence in their school as well as personal lives.  These students are determined, full of pride, and seek justice while advocating for a more adaptable world.  May they inspire change on campus and in the world. Contact us at for more information!

Ask Cody

Ask Cody