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Frequently Asked Questions - Columbus State University

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Frequently Asked Questions

View our online degrees page for more information.

Online courses begin and end just like regular on-campus classes. View the Academic Calendar for specific dates of terms.

Please see our Tuition and Fees page for a complete listing of tuition costs.

Awarded financial aid applies to charges for online and regular on-campus courses. Printing an invoice through CougarNet will allow you to compare your total charges with your awarded aid.

For more information, see our Financial Aid website

The Refund Policy can be found in the catalog under Expenses. For refund rate chart please see Academic Calendar "Pro-Rated Partial Refund (Total Withdrawal)".

Online courses begin and end just like regular on-campus classes. View the Academic Calendar for specific dates of terms.

Go to the Admissions site and select your student type.

For questions about a specific department or program, contact that department. View the CSU Phone Directory

For computer related questions, contact the computer help desk at 706-507-8199 or

For CougarVIEW help go to the GeorgiaVIEW Support Site or call 877-708-2910

For all other questions contact Enrollment Services at 706-507-8800.

If you live outside of Georgia, our ability to offer online courses, programs, or field experiences (internships, clinicals, student teaching, etc.) to you may be limited. CSU is prohibited by state and federal law from operating in anywhere it is not legally allowed to do so. We are not able to offer programs to students living in states if the necessary approvals have not been obtained for that program. Any student who finds it necessary to move during their program is strongly encouraged to contact the State Authorization office as soon as they know the anticipated location(s). Early notification minimizes, but may not prevent, the possibility of program delays or disruption. The State Authorization office and the academic program work together to limit program disruption by attempting to secure any necessary approvals and through advising on optimal course progression.

For additional information, visit our Out-of-State Student page.

For questions related to state approvals contact the State Authorization office at

Also note:Columbus State University's programs leading to all levels of licensure, endorsement, and professional certification are designed to satisfy the requirements of the appropriate professional licensing boards in Georgia. CSU can NOT guarantee that these programs will necessarily satisfy the criteria of professional boards in other states or territories. Programs affected by state licensing requirements may include, but are not limited to, programs in Nursing, Leadership, Education, Accounting, and Counseling. Please contact the State Authorization office for more information

Online student and consumer complaints are first handled within the University itself. The initial step is to communicate with the individual directly involved and/or their supervisors. As learners within a university community, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to demonstrate appropriate, effective, and respectful interpersonal communication. If issues occur, the parties involved should make a genuine effort to resolve them. In the event efforts to reach a mutually reasonable solution are unsuccessful, students and consumers are advised to proceed to initiate a formal complaint. The objective of the Columbus State University Student/Consumer Complaint is to resolve concerns as quickly and efficiently as possible at the level closest to the student. A complaint should be filed during the semester of occurrence but no later than sixty (60) days from the first day of the following academic semester. Generally, once a complaint is received it should be acknowledged within ten (10) business days. For more information about filing a formal complaint, visit the Complaint Process page.

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