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Undergraduate Degrees in Film Production - Columbus State University

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Undergraduate Degrees in Film Production

About the Program

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Tell your story through the lens of a camera. At Columbus State University, you can choose from two degree programs in film ― a BA in communication with a film production concentration and a nexus degree in film production. Each is designed to channel your creativity, develop technical skill, and prepare you for a dynamic career in film and television.

No matter which program you choose, you'll learn the fundamentals of filmmaking from pre- to post-production. As a student, you'll also study:

  • History of film/film genres
  • Grip and rigging
  • Set construction and scenic painting
  • Lighting
  • Special makeup effects

Columbus State's prime location offers unique access to a wide range of hands-on learning opportunities. Build your professional network by securing an internship in Georgia's $6 billion film industry ― home to countless film studios, production companies, casting agencies, and related businesses.

Career Opportunities

Though career options vary based on degree, many film production graduates pursue positions as:

  • Film critic or journalist
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer or director
  • Sound/film editor

Degree Requirements

Please see our academic catalog for additional information about this degree's requirements.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication - Film Production Concentration

Columbus State’s communication program offers a concentration in film production. Designed to prepare you for a broad range of creative film work, the BA curriculum covers mass communication, screen-writing, video production, and more.

View Degree Requirements (Film Production Concentration)  

Nexus Degree in Film Production

Develop the essential skills you need to enter Georgia’s thriving film production industry. This 60 credit-hour program is designed for anyone interested in filmmaking ― those without a degree, those with a degree in a different field, and those who want to advance their film careers.

View Degree Requirements (Nexus Degree)  

Certificate in Film Production

View Degree Requirements (Certificate in Film Production)  

Admissions Requirements

Please see our admissions page for any general admission requirements or the academic catalog for any degree-specific admission requirements.

View General Admission Requirements  

Tuition and Fees

Value matters at CSU. We strive to make all programs attainable and affordable for every student.

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Financial Aid

From state scholarships to federal student aid, we’re here to help you take advantage of every educational resource.

Financial Aid  

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