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Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing - Columbus State University

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

About the Program

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The world of marketing runs on new ideas. Writers, designers, social media influencers, and techies all contribute to the art and science of successful marketing. At Columbus State, you'll discover how to channel your creative mind to help businesses and organizations reach wider audiences and thrive in today's global economy.

When you pursue a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing at Columbus State, you'll learn how to research consumer needs, assess complex market situations, and develop effective marketing strategies. Our holistic curriculum emphasizes branding, promotion, pricing, and the use of technology to measure consumer response.

Help businesses embrace what's next. With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Columbus State, you'll become a creative problem-solver - challenging and changing how companies connect with the world.

Career Opportunities

When you earn your Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing degree, you’ll be prepared for a broad range of careers including:

  • Advertising/Promotion manager
  • Brand manager
  • Internet marketing director
  • Media planner

Lenin Machado

CSU showed me the power of inspiring collaboration. I learned the importance of a nurturing environment where collaborative efforts are complemented and enhanced. After all, collaboration is the key factor in any marketing initiative and a necessary goal for all successful businesses.

Degree Requirements

Please see our academic catalog for additional information about this degree's requirements.

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Admissions Requirements

Please see our admissions page for any general admission requirements or the academic catalog for any degree-specific admission requirements.

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Tuition and Fees

Value matters at CSU. We strive to make all programs attainable and affordable for every student.

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Financial Aid

From state scholarships to federal student aid, we’re here to help you take advantage of every educational resource.

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