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Bachelor of Arts in English - Columbus State University

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Bachelor of Arts in English

About the Program

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The power of imagination influences everything we do, think about, and create. It drives theory, dreams, and invention in all professions. With a Bachelor of Arts in English from Columbus State, you’ll harness your creative mind with a flexible skill set that applies to many careers.

The Department of English emphasizes critical thinking, reading, and persuasive writing skills. While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English, you’ll participate in research projects, presenting conference papers at local, regional, and national conferences, and publishing work in peer-reviewed journals. The award-winning student literary journal, Arden, provides a platform for compelling narratives while gaining valuable editing and publishing experience. Explore fascinating study abroad courses and participate in the New York Arts program, or an internship, as you approach the creative process from all angles.

You’ll see the value of Columbus State’s Bachelor of Arts in English degree by selecting one of four concentrations that go beyond foundational knowledge to customize your educational experience. Strengthen your analytical abilities by choosing creative writing, literature, professional writing, or focus on secondary education. Our majors also pursue graduate degrees in English, creative writing, rhetoric, and technical communication.

Career Opportunities

Based on your area of concentration, a Bachelor of Arts in English degree prepares you for a broad range of careers including:

  • Author
  • Director of communications
  • Editor
  • Freelance writer
  • Instructor / Lecturer / Professor
  • Public relations specialist
  • Teacher

Degree Requirements

Please see our academic catalog for additional information about this degree's requirements.

Creative Writing Concentration

With the BA in English-Creative Writing track, you explore various kinds of creative writing (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenwriting, playwriting) and then develop your talents to a higher level with advanced courses: advanced poetry writing, advanced fiction writing, and advanced creative nonfiction writing.

View Creative Writing Concentration Degree Requirements  

Literature Concentration

Students in the BA in English-Literature track study British and American writers, and may also pursue their interests in literary criticism, linguistics, world literature, ethnic literature, and film. This track provides groundwork for students planning to attend graduate or professional school in the humanities, education, law, or any field that requires the critical thinking skills developed by students of literature.

View Literature Concentration Degree Requirements  

Professional Writing Concentration

The BA in English-Professional Writing track prepares you for writing careers in business or industry. The track offers courses in technical writing, news writing, business writing, and writing for digital media. Internships with Columbus-area organizations provide students with valuable hands-on experience. Professional writing students develop strong skills in electronic research, writing, layout, web design, and editing.

View Professional Writing Concentration Degree Requirements  

Secondary Education Concentration

The BA in English and Secondary Education prepares you for teacher certification and a career in teaching. Complementing this track, the department offers courses to satisfy Georgia requirements for an endorsement (to teacher certification) for English as a Second or Other Language (ESOL).

View Secondary Education Concentration Degree Requirements  

Admissions Requirements

Please see our admissions page for any general admission requirements or the academic catalog for any degree-specific admission requirements.

View General Admission Requirements  

Tuition and Fees

Value matters at CSU. We strive to make all programs attainable and affordable for every student.

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Financial Aid

From state scholarships to federal student aid, we’re here to help you take advantage of every educational resource.

Financial Aid  

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