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Class Attendance and Withdrawal - Columbus State University

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Class Attendance and Withdrawal

Attendance Policy

Attendance policy is ordinarily established by individual faculty. Students utilizing VA educational benefits are required to attend class.  VA rules and regulations require the institution to report the student's last date of attendance if the student is no longer attending class.  Faculty members will be contacted throughout the semester to verify attendance of students using VA educational benefits.  Failure to attend class will result in a reduction of hours certified to VA that may result in a student debt to VA.

Excessive Absence Policy

Anytime during the semester when a student exceeds the total number of hours of absences allowed, an instructor may drop the student for excessive absences with a grade of WF. Students may regain admittance to a course only by permission of the instructor. A student auditing a course who fails to meet class participation and assignment requirements or who exceeds the total number of allowed absences may be dropped from the course by the instructor and assigned a grade of W.  Any grade assigned as a W, WF, WC, or WM may result in a student debt to VA.

Absence for Military Duty

Military reservists who are called to active duty or active duty military personnel who receive change-of-station orders or deployment orders during an academic semester may officially withdraw from the university with a full refund of matriculation fees upon providing a copy of the official orders. Those who have completed sufficient work may be awarded a grade and credit or an I (Incomplete) grade. Military withdrawals are not granted for TDY assignments.

Course Withdrawals

Students who wish to drop a course after the official schedule change period has ended must officially withdraw from the course. The student is responsible for notifying the CSU Veterans Affairs Office.  Students must withdraw via the web by using MyCSU and the Enrollment Services Tab. 

Administrative Withdrawal

An academic dean may withdraw a student from a course when, in consultation with the instructor, the dean determines that the student has not satisfied the prerequisites for the course.

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