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Course Descriptions (Undergraduate and Graduate) - Columbus State University

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Course Descriptions (Undergraduate and Graduate)

Alphabetical Listing

eCore Course Descriptions

This section is arranged alphabetically by subject designator and sequentially by course number. Numbers following a descriptive title of each course indicate the number of weekly class hours, the number of weekly laboratory or practicum hours, and the credit hour value of the course expressed in semester hours. For example, (2-2-3) following the course title means two class hours, two laboratory or practicum hours and three semester hours of credit. Parentheses enclosing the third figure,
(3- 0-(3)), indicate that, although the course has a semester hour value equal to that number for enrollment purposes, the course does not produce credit toward baccalaureate or associate degrees. Parentheses enclosing a range of figures indicate that the hours are variable within the range given. For example, ({1-3}-0-{1-3}) indicates one, two or three lecture class hours, no laboratory hours and one, two or three credit hours.

Courses numbered 6000 and above are open only to graduate students. Courses with 5000 numbers are open to both graduate and advance-standing undergraduate students. In these courses, however, graduate students must do more extensive reading, prepare additional reports, and produce papers or other projects requiring more intensive research.

Course Descriptions for Other Academic Years

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