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Columbus Regiona Mathematics Collaborative - Columbus State University

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Columbus Regiona Mathematics Collaborative

The Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative (CRMC) was initiated in the fall of 1989 by the Chattahoochee Council of Teachers of Mathematics with a small grant from the Ford Foundation-funded Urban Mathematics Collaboratives. The CRMC operates as one of the Centers of Excellence at Columbus State University. Housed in the Department of Education and Health Professions, the CRMC serves preservice and in-service teachers in the Columbus area. In addition to some support from Columbus State University, the CRMC receives funding from area school systems and the Improving Teacher Quality Higher Education Program administered by the University of Georgia.

The mission of the Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative is to enhance the mathematics education of K-16 students through the development of teacher leaders, beginning with initial preparation and continuing through their professional teaching careers. The resource staff of the CRMC and teacher leaders mentor other teachers and administrators, encourage parent and public involvement in mathematics education, and develop means to support all teachers of mathematics in their professional growth. The goal of the CRMC is for all students to learn that mathematics enables them to continue their education, to make informed decisions as citizens, and to participate fully in their chosen vocations.

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