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College of Letters and Sciences - Columbus State University

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College of Letters and Sciences

The College of Letters and Sciences is the academic heart of Columbus State University, offering undergraduate programs in the sciences, mathematics, humanities, and social sciences. Students completing degrees in one of our many majors pursue careers in such diverse fields as law, education, medicine, scientific research, and criminal justice.

With the growing need for experts in these fields, the College of Letters and Sciences grows every year with new students, new faculty, and new programs. For example, we are increasing our offerings in the Masters of Natural Sciences Program with the launching of a new track in Chemistry this fall. Our new Chemistry track will complement existing tracks in Biology, Environmental Science, and Geoscience. We have plans to increase our offerings in the Masters of Public Administration Program by adding areas in Criminal Justice, Homeland Security and Political Management. The College of Letters and Sciences strives to become student-centered to meet the diverse needs of the students by offering challenging programs, an engaged faculty, and a vibrant, globally connected campus culture.

Another way in which we promote a student-center approach is through our faculty professional development: our Faculty are encouraged to provide hands-on learning experiences for students that blend academic rigor with practical applications. Hence, our students are active in undergraduate and graduate research and creative inquiry. In addition, we offer a large number of classes that are small enough to place students face-to-face with internationally renowned experts; our students explore the unique geological terrain of our region, examine the literary works of the masters, research mathematical cryptography, and travel abroad.


Department of Biology

Department of Chemistry

Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

Department of Earth and Space Sciences

Department of English

Department of History and Geography

Department of Mathematics

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

Department of Political Science, Philosophy and Public Administration

Department of Psychology

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