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College of the Arts - Columbus State University

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College of the Arts

The college of the arts, from its nationally accredited programs in art, music and theatre to its communication program's Non Profit and Civic Engagement Center (NPACE), is building upon its well-deserved reputation for excellence.  With world-class, state-of-the-art facilities on the RiverPark Campus, the College endeavors to attract nationally and internationally recognized faculty so as to foster active student engagement in the intellectual and creative process.

Faculty strive to achieve a high level of distinction in knowledge transfer by demonstrating a commitment to leadership in faculty and student scholarship and creative activity. Furthermore, faculty maintain a heritage of collaborative relationships with artistic, cultural, professional and educational organizations by continually developing contemporary, rigorous and innovative programming targeted at enriching the lives of Georgians.

The college is a major economic force in the revitalization of Uptown Columbus, contributing more than $26.5 million to the local economy while attracting thousands of visitors by hosting international conferences in music, state meetings in art and theatre, and by presenting 250 performances and art exhibitions annually. Additionally, more than a dozen non-profit organizations receive more than 1,000 student work hours of assistance with communication projects through the College's NPACE each year.

The College of the Arts provides excellent academic programs and dynamic community outreach as it continues its transformational effect on the RiverPark Campus and Uptown Columbus.


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